Monday, August 31, 2009


I am notorious for being over ambitious! My family seems to have gotten used to it over the years; perhaps they have simply realized I come by it honestly! My mother can never do one thing at a time - she generally has at least five, and often ten, tasks that are in progress and being attended to regularly. I am the same.

I am presently knee-deep in samples for my Christmas Cupboard Classes. Literally knee-deep. I finally had to stop this afternoon and put some things away as there was not a bare surface to be had, not even six square inches of a bare surface! I finished the wall hanging and centrepiece bag yesterday and today I made the napkin rings and am busy working on the ornaments. The first two are already down at the shop so I will take some pictures when I work tomorrow and get them posted.

Now I am on to the ornaments, which are fun to make but as it has been for everything, I am designing as I go and that is making it all take so much longer! I have two completed, one almost finished and the idea for another rattling around in my head. I am thinking I want three and then variations on each - makes the class more interesting if there are lots of options. It just makes it way more work getting it all pulled together but I think I just might have them all done for tomorrow.

Then it's on to Bags and Tags!!!


Patty Pickle said...

How interesting, I was browsing at blog sites and read that you mentioned Dawson City in the Yukon. My grandmother was born there in 1900. What if we know or came from the same people?

JIllayne said...

It always surprises me how many people have a connection to the Yukon! I expect it has a lot to do with the number of people that went for the Gold Rush and the building of the Alaska Highway. My grandparents noved to Whitehorse separately in the 1930s; my grandmother with her family and my grandfather as a young man. They met there, married and the rest is history!