Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best Intentions

Well, it's a done deed and I think it went rather well. People seemed to be the most intrigued with the folded hexagons (they are kind of like origami - I'll try just about anything with fabric!) so I must remember that for future ideas. But now, I must think of something new. I have spent the last few days tidying my sewing room, hoping I will either unearth something interesting, or find an idea or two. All I have come up with so far is a magazine I bought for the cover. Yes, it is true - I didn't care a fig about what might be inside; it was all about the cover and it's colours. Perhaps that could be a Demo???

It might be a stretch to explain it though, at least without people thinking I might just be in need of psychiatric help!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inspiration Inspires!

What a day! First the Janome demo at the Sewing Basket, and what a demo it was? Who knew machines could do such a good job replicating the look of hand quilter? I must say I was most impressed and wish I wasn't so attached to my current machine....

I have had such fun getting ready for my own demo and have already amassed a little pile of treasures for tomorrow. Pincushions and sachets are such fun to make and I tried out the new rose maker from Clover. It was more than a tad frustrating on the first attempt but the second went better and I am eager now to give it another go. It seems kind of convoluted when you start but after one, it all makes sense! The sachets were fun too and it didn't take long before I was totally engrossed in them too. I dug into my ribbon treasures and found some leaves I made long ago - why, oh why, don't I do more ribbon work? 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Demo Madness

Two evenings before my next Demo at the Sewing Basket and ideas are running rampant! I'm thinking it should be a "Girly Demo" with all things floral - Grandmother's Flower Garden, dimensional flowers, sachets etc. As usual, my penchant for combining patchwork and stitchery will be a factor so it should be fun. I'll update on that "after-the-fact".

Also, I went on a hunt today for ground walnut shells to stuff pin cushions with,, and after several attempts, managed to procure the last bag at the local pet shop. Apparently it is used in reptile cages, so in deference, I will think about making a lizard for one of the pincushions!