Wednesday, May 27, 2009


One Demo finished and now preparing for the next... I have almost completed the first item - I have taken a pattern from Fig Tree Quilts (you have to come to the Demo to see which one!) and "re-arranged" it a bit - as I always like to do - and am very happy - it's a beautiful pattern;  Joanna at Fig Tree is a popular designer in the quilting world and we sell a lot of her designs.

Today was our Guild meeting and I came home with three library books (and I get to keep them for the whole summer!) and two have set me off on another course - we got some new rulers in the store and I have used two but am itching to get to the third - I will only say it involves triangles... and very colourful fabric!

It's also time to start thinking about Fall classes, if there is any hope of having completed class samples and I have several thoughts racing around the old noggin (don't you just love old words - they are soooo descriptive). I am thinking of a series.... stay tuned!

And - Charm School at the Sewing Basket is coming up on June 7 and should be a hoot. (With a vocabulary like that I may be in need of my own dose of charm!)  We have concocted some amazing ideas for using these addictive pre-cuts and will also be showing what we can do with a "Jelly Roll"! See you soon...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sharing the Fun

I have been having such fun cruising the web and checking out different quilting websites so I thought I would add the links to my favourites and you-all can see for yourselves some of what is out there (most of them are American so you-all seems fitting!). 

Although I get inspired just from seeing what other designers are up to, it's their enthusiasm that I really enjoy. There is so much talent out there and wonderful websites; Happy Browsing!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thinking Is Fun!

Well, I did it! - Followed through on my magazine cover quilt idea for the last demo and it went very well; a lot of discussion was generated and everyone seemed quite intrigued with the idea. I ran through the process from first finding the magazine and then how fabric selections were made. We discussed a little about how I would choose a design and then edit the fabrics if required. When designing from scratch you need to keep things fluid and allow the fabrics to speak out - at least once in a while!

I now have the result 3/4 finished and spread out on my sewing room floor. I had seen a design on the internet that I thought would work well, but as I drafted it out changes kept wiggling in so it now "resembles in part" what I first saw! I do wish my math skills were less "creative" and more "mathematical"  though.

I very much want to finish it in time for tomorrow because in this project, perhaps more than in most, the binding is integral to the overall look. And of course, I have several other ideas for tomorrow to bring to fruition...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Funky Flowers

It happened again - I worked at the store yesterday and got inspired by yet another Charm Pack! They are such addictive little things and I have done so many things with them but here I am with what I think is, of course, a really good idea - ha ha, we'll see! The fabric is what I call "Mod Squad" and makes me think of funky flowersfrom the sixties, so I have spent a pleasant hour crawling on the floor of my sewing room trying out different layouts and ideas. The fun is in the planning (I have been known to say that about every step of the process as I get to it!).

I am still on my magazine cover tangent and ideas are flowing; the colour scheme is worked out (still to be matched up to actual fabric though!) and a rudimentary design is coming to mind. I am trying to let the graphic design??? of the magazine cover lead me and it has already taken me to a few interesting places....