Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Can We Talk?"

It seems everywhere, quilts are talking. 
Words are being incorporated either in the fabric designs, or in the quilt pattern itself: words of family, words of joy, French words, baby talk, and on and on it goes....

I was thinking it would be fun to come up with my own wordy quilt, and I tried to think of a word I would like to immortalize in fabric.... "Family", "Love", "Simplicity", "Joy"...all great words that I have seen on quilts lately but not for me. Well, not that I don't "get" them, they just weren't me.
But I think this one is...

This will be a fun little wall-hanging for the holidays - plain and simple.
And to satisfy everyone's taste, I'm making another version in bright and cheery red, green, blue and gold Christmas fabrics

this brown/taupe version says "me" better

and yes, the fabric in the "e" is upside down.... whoopsidoodle!
Whimsicals has a book out called "If Quilts Could Talk" and some of the letters above came from Teri's designs but not all ('cause Jingle's my word).  To fill in the gaps, I turned once again to my dear daughter, who although she believes she isn't crafty, can do lettering like nobody's business.

I'll do a nice dark brown blanket stitch around the letters and then figure out something interesting for the border.

I can just hear those bells a-ring-jing-jingling now...

Monday, October 24, 2011

We Played

On Saturday my daughter asked me if I needed help with anything for my upcoming Sale; if so, she would come up from Kelowna, and stay overnight, helping me with whatever I needed done.

Of course I took her up on it - there's always lots to do and she is pretty capable at a lot of things.

She looked at me a little funny when I told her I wanted to make some of these...

little clay tags cut out with snowflake cookie cutters and stamped with snowflake stamps

a star tied up with icy blue seam binding

a trio

I love how the snowflakes look stamped in to the clay

we rolled them on linen, but I'd love to try it on the burlap shown above

we'll tie some on to the cookie packages she is going to do, using this cute red & white twine (although I do plan to look for red seambinding)

this little deer stamp makes a cute tag or ornament with a woodland feel, tied up with hand-dyed silk bias ribbon in shades of brown and green

Laura was a little skeptical at first - I have a lot of hair-brained ideas, which she has been subjected to now and again, but this quickly became a grown up version of making sugar cookies.
 And so we played...

Sunday, October 16, 2011


My head is swimming these days, with one decision after another. 
One thing I have learned though, is that with all of that, comes clarity.... that figuring out of what you really want, and what you don't, that helps make all the rest fall by the wayside....
 I almost have my work-life sorted out, I do have my sewing room sorted out, my closet is almost there, jewelery box is done - so many decisions ....  maybe you can help with this latest one....

I'm making a runner, and in my mind's eye so far, is a base of taupe linen, sewn into a simple rectangle. The ends will have a short, hemmed ruffle and the runner will be embellished with either rosettes as shown above, or

gathered ruffles stretching from side to side, spaced about 10 " apart 

Part of me thinks the straight across the width idea is the best as you can still place things on the runner easily enough, whereas if I do the rosettes,  they could be in the way of candlesticks and centerpieces and such. I could strategically place the rosettes but then they wouldn't look random, which is what I wanted ... and so it goes.... a day in the life of my head...

tell me what you think?

I've updated my sidebar a bit with some new blogs etc.  and I want to do a new header but haven't been able to decide on that either. Getting ready for the Sale has made it hard to keep track of projects and fabric etc. and what with all the company we've had, Yoga has gone out the window. I need to be home alone for that, which rarely happens anymore so I have taken to walking again. I go after it gets dark, when the world becomes much smaller and the sky grows bigger and my thoughts flow freely with the rhythm of my footsteps.

and I think decisions come easier then too!