Wednesday, February 13, 2019

the colour of love

love is Grey...

for many, the colour of love is red

for me though, it is grey

a beautiful soft grey

a baby named "Grey"

Grey Everett, my grandson, appeared in my life just over a week ago and already he fills my heart and my thoughts in so many ways...

we had the joy of being included in the first week of his life, witnessing a family grow, wondering yet again at the expansive, never-ending story of love

hearts grow to bursting, love is unconfined

watching Grey's mother and father love and care for him was amazing to see, the pure delight in just looking at him shone in their eyes... 

it's amazing to me how quickly these tiny humans steal your heart, how you know everything and yet nothing about them in those early days

 my very wise friend Christine wrote eloquently of how living in the present moment is what babies do, and in that, they take us there as well... days go by where nothing but tending and gazing upon them is all that is done, really, all that needs doing

a time apart from the ordinary flow of life

what a gift to have been part of that

and now, one week on, Grey is already losing some of that newborn look, his cries are getting stronger, those delightful baby creases are well on their way

in the quiet moments during that week I sat quietly stitching away at the table, working at a piece of slow stitching, thinking about the nature of love and life... and, on an impulse, I filled this cut-out heart with blue-grey French knots

because after all, love is Grey