Monday, July 20, 2009

Storage Solutions

There is a lot of discussion in the quilting world about how things are stored, especially thread. I have tried various spool racks over the years and spent too much time trying to figure out ways to keep the dust off and still have it visible. (I like to see the colours!) 

After spending a lot of money on these "trials" I finally found, what is for me, the perfect solution... candy jars. How appropriate is that? The colours come through and the thread remains dust-free; the jars decorate my sewing table with all the pretty colours contained inside. I have them sorted so one contains all my hand quilting thread and the other has regular sewing thread. When I am looking for a particular colour I just pick up the jar and twirl it around in my hands until I see what I am looking for and then fish it out. I haven't had any problems with tangling as I ensure that the ends are always tucked into the gripper on the end of the spool before dropping it back in the jar.

Aren't They Pretty?

I especially like them because they were cheap, look nice and solved the dust problem - one less thing to vacuum!

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