Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making Progress

I have been busy today! Here it is, almost done. I have only to layer and quilt it - I think I will do a quick turn rather than binding and once I write out the instructions we can make the kits. It is of course much prettier in real life!

I like small projects like this as they work up fast, but since I was "designing" it (I am using that term loosely as it is adapted from another quilt pattern) there was some fiiguring things out involved. Really, just a perfect summertime project for all of you who would like to get a head start on Christmas things but aren't interested in tackling anything too involved. 

And now for a couple of new things. Firstly, although I have lots of ideas for the Friday Demos I would really appreciate hearing what you might like to see - so - leave suggestions in the comments (I promise to read them all) and if I use your idea you will get a gift!

Secondly, starting with the next blog, I will pose a question and the first person to come into the store on Friday and give me the answer will get a prize! (It has to be Fridays because that is the only day I work every week, and the question must be answered in person.) So - Friday July 10th will be the first one and we'll continue that throughout the summer. I think I'll call it "Fun in the Sun"...

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