Monday, February 26, 2024

mixing it up

recently I booked my plane tickets for another trip to the Yukon, this time in summer

I'm looking forward to a visit during the warmer months for a change and have been planning a few side trips to places there I haven't visited for a long time and one I've never been to at all

I'm very taken with recording things I see whilst out and about but as I'm often with other people, none of whom are into that kind of thing I need to be able to record what I'm seeing quickly

to aid in that I'm streamlining my outdoor sketching kit and just got a few good pointers through a course I'm taking from Debbie Lyddon through Fibre Arts Take Two

"Sensing Place"

today I worked on mixing the colours I knew I'd be needing using various different coloured pencils

interestingly, the colours for water and sky are completely interchangeable there... when the sky darkens the water turn slate grey but in sunlight it ranges from emerald to sea green and every blue imaginable

today, from memory, I did a rough sketch of Marsh Lake, looking through the poplars, across the sand to a strip of silvery-grey water and the shadowed hills in the distance

all I could think of today was the poplars and the wind - high, rustling their leaves


Christine Barnes said...

That sounds like a very useful course. I love your colour mixtures. I often read about drawing from memory and so was very interested to see your memory sketch here. I love the idea of prepping a small sketch book like this for a trip.

Rachel said...

That's an absolutely lovely sketch - so atmospheric, it doesn't need any more!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Coloured pencils - by that I assume you're using watercolour pencils?
I expect your digital camera will be close by as you travel about in the Yukon and between that and your memory you will be able to create when you're able to.