Thursday, October 26, 2017

plodding along...

a day, a week, a month and then two
i wouldn't have believed it if you'd told me

this month especially has flown by
the leaves are yellow and red, glorious against the bright blue sky, falling at the barest hint of a breeze

winter is not far off...

fall is without doubt my favourite time of the year, especially when it's slightly damp and there's a wooded area to walk through... smoke curling in the sky, peek-a-boo views that have been hidden since spring

i try and get out for a walk every day and though i easily managed that in the summer, this month tells a different tale
it isn't daily right now but it's as often as can be and i love it
i do my best creative thinking when i'm walking outside - just need to start carrying a pen and paper with me so i can jot some of that "brilliance" down - ha!

stitching time has been all about little pieces, tiny bits that are fiddly beyond belief but give very satisfying results

i am making cards these days, to sell at the shop where i work part-time, and have been experimenting with a few different things
below is the first one i did and though i love it, i won't be making them to sell there - for what i'll get paid, this takes way too long to do so i'm working on a simplified version

i do love little houses though, especially those made out of fabric so i'm working on a re-vamp of the design, simplifying it, wanting something equally as charming but a little quicker - maybe one house will do the trick?

I'm also wanting to make some abstract ones, cards that aren't necessarily seasonal or occasion-themed

art cards i guess

that idea is still percolating but has been fueled by something else i made a while back

the piece below is all sorts of tiny scraps of silk and lace, loosely stitched with a simple grid and now cut into three pieces

i've done a bit of stitching on one of the pieces already but am thinking that it might be worth trying out a few ideas on one of the two remaining

i love the colours and all the textures, the looseness of it all
and how fragile they feel in my hand
stitching on them is a huge challenge but i am reluctant to try and stabilize them in any way as I just don't want to detract from that soft fragility

careful experimentation then, with a light hand

i will be back, with more to show, and sooner rather than later...


Anonymous said...

There are no leaves left on any of our trees here :(

Rachel said...

Yes, the little houses are charming. Some card companies do cards which are photographs of embroideries - you could see whether a local printer could do cards for you to sell?

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Thank you for another post filled with inspiration. Your work is so lovely.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Marj Talbot said...

Nice to see your post today. It is definitely fall and the colors this year are breathtaking. Love the little houses - looking forward to more experimentation (sooner than later).
Thanks for sharing - enjoy reading your posts.

Createology said...

My heart does a pitter-patter when I see a new post from you. Your cards will be very special no matter what. I adore your fiddly bits of fabrics that are delicate and fragile. I am always entranced by your Works of HeArt Dear Jillayne. My calendar cannot keep up with how quickly the days and weeks are flying by. Autumn colors are here yet it is Summer Hot Weather. Soon the snow will cover us and I will be huddled under my heating blankets praying for Summer to return...xo

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I can but dream of a walk in the woods - not if I plan to keep breathing with any degree of ability. Gotta love allergies!! Instead I can sit at my computer and admire your wee houses and look forward to seeing more.

Christine B said...

Just come in from a rare and beautiful sunny day.... clearing leaves and trimming the pots. A few more leaves to fall and the borders to lut to bed, but they are still valiantly smiling green with specks of flower colour here and there so am letting them be for a while longer. I love your little houses against grey for winter. But the greys are warmed with the creams and russet greens and browns bringing a cosiness to the piece.

Karen Ruane said...

yes...too beautiful to be ''given away'' Jillayne and you will have put so much of yourself into them too.