Sunday, November 3, 2013

the things you notice...

the thing about traveling is the things you see

things you don't see in your own backyard
things that open your mind to new ideas, to new ways of thinking
the same old, same old, usual way of things goes out the proverbial window and you find yourself stopping in wonderment sometimes

yes, wonderment

wonderment is when you see something that makes you, well, wonder

i wonder about doorways...


the one above at st. edward's church in stow-on-the-wold made me wonder
when those two trees were planted, did anyone know how what a magical scene they were creating?

as i stood there, i waited, wishing for the door to slowly start moving, opening, to let me in

this is a door that inspired tolkein...
yes, he was there, and yes, it did influence him

this little doorway into the tree was stumbled upon whilst on our moor-walk in haworth

{yes, stumbled - I darn near fell off the path into the brambles as I tried to situate myself for the best possible angle}
there's a story in this little tree - i just haven't quite thought it all out yet

an ancient archway in carlisle
the most peaceful churchyard ever - if i lived in that part of yorkshire i would park myself on a bench there for at least one afternoon every week

the door at one of the passageways, leading from the churchyard into the city of carlisle

 a row of little doors in stirling, along the road to the castle

i'm not that tall but I would have had to duck to save my scalp on these doorways

 an original door to the city of york, the same hinges holding it in place as the day it was first hung

love the small door-within-a-door on the left - to see who was calling after the gates were shut...

salisbury cathedral's grand entrance

the door to the oldest inn in england

high in the swiss alps, on my very first trip to europe, i fell in love with the doors after seeing this in the forest
someone had taken a number of old doors and windows and by carefully placing them with existing trees, created the most amazing little tree houses
they were enchanting

and finally, this little doorway, found on isola bella on lake maggiore, switzerland

shorter than me, it was the first european door i ever photographed
i have hoped since then it will not be the last...
i suppose it's the nature of a curious individual, to wonder what's on the other side

or rather, do you think it's the nature of a door to provoke it?


Bead and Needle said...

Boy, is there EVER some cool history in these doors! I don't know which one is cooler...OK, the ones around the trees in Switzerland might be my favorites, partly because there's something a little spooky about that whole setup. This is a FABULOUS post, Jillayne - I LOVE when you travel - I see the BEST things! XOXO

Mosaic Magpie said...
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Mosaic Magpie said...

All these beautiful doors and I only have rectangular ones!

Marj Talbot said...

I love the one at St Edwards the best - hope the trees stay there forever. I do wonder what's behind some doors - one can only imagine.

Shirley said...

Good Morning Jillayne, I have so enjoyed reading your blog. Your trip and pictures are amazing. You have taken me on a journey to far away places with beautiful countryside. You have show me so many places and I keep wishing I could be a stow a way. I love the laces and linens that you came home with. I haven't always got to leave you a comment, but I have been stopping by. Thank you for sharing an amazing trip. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Dorthe said...

They are all fantastic, in each its own way, dear Jillayne. You have seen so many beautiful places on this tour ,and as I can see, also on earlier tours to Europe- yes I think that doors are alwayes asking to be opened !!!

Createology said...

Doors, windows, gates and such always enchant me and I love to take photos of them also. For me they hold a charm of other worlds...different from mine. Your photos are lovely and how fun to "collect" them on your travels. I wanted to stay in a place in Provence just because of the blue door and shutters...alas it is taken. So happy you are home and sharing your adventures Dear. Door number 3 please...

Suztats said...

Some might see doors as a barrier, but, like you, others see doors as an entrance to wonders beyond. I prefer the latter.
Is that why we decorate our doors?--to entice others to enter?