Monday, September 5, 2011



A good word for today as that's how I'm feeling right about now.... and not just in a bad way either...
A few months back I posted about our little girl-cat, Miss Josie, and how she was suffering from renal failure... today I am happy to say that diagnosis just may have been wrong. The blood work certainly showed her kidneys weren't working properly but two months later, after a whole lot of pampering, she is a completely different cat.

Miss Josy-phine has gained almost a whole pound! And judging by the photo below, doing so seems to have worn her out...

Thank you to all of you who wished her well - so far so good!

A month or so ago Angela from The English Romantic did a post about some little pouches she was making for an upcoming workshop. I thought they were adorable and told her so and she generously offered to send me one.... and this is what she sent me!
A bundle of little packages, all tied up with pretty blue lace and flowers....

and inside one was this...

this is the inside of the flap - the most charming couched flower, all a-sparkle with hints of gold metallic thread... simple beautiful, in all it's simplicity....

and she also included some of her hand-dyed, hand-cut silk ribbons

adorned on the front of the card with a beautiful flower and beads

a lavender scented silk hear, complete with a velvet rose

and a package of these velvety hydrangea blossoms, perfect for my own crafting pleasure

If you've never been to Angela's blog, you must visit soon!

And finally, I am feeling overwhelmed because once again, yet again, as usual, I have taken on far too much. I don't seem to ever learn, not even the hard way... and as a result of my own folly, I have had almost no creative time in the past two months - I hardly know what the inside of my sewing room looks like anymore and have no idea where anything is as it's been so long since I looked. But out of every bad thing, comes something good - and this is no exception...

at least it's neat!


Becca said...

Lovely gifts Jillayne, and I am so happy that your kitty is better! I love the photo of cute!

Cheryl De Beer said...

Oh I love your Josy-phine, she is beautiful and I hope she continues to get better!
That gift is beautiful really stunning! There are some seriously talented people out there. I am doing a lavender sachet giveaway and seeing work like this makes me want to retract mine :)
Everything is in balance isn't it? So for every bad there is a good and good that your sewing room is tidy, hahaha loved that comment!

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Jillayne- lovely to see miss Josy-phine so well relaxed and happy :)
And overwhelmed- I would be too, recieving such a beautiful gift packet- Angela have made such beauties, and the pouch is the most adorable thing with the roses, and laces.
Now you take care, and don`t lay toooooooo much apon your shoulders, --we need a little time, for creating,too.

The English Romantic said...

That looks like a happy cat. So pleased you liked the goodies.
Hugs, Angela.

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jillayne,
I am so happy that your sweet kitty is doing so much better. She healed with lots of love and attention. The perfect medicine. Love the pic how she is stretched out from play exhaustion!!
Your treasures from Angela are so pretty. I love the simply touches that make them so elegant.
Love the velvet flowers.

As to overwhelmed. I can so relate and just recently have vowed to try and learn to say no on some projects. It is so hard for me, but I have to make it work. Now that we are into the holiday creating season, I think it wise.

I love what you said about something good coming from it all though, like a neat and tidy studio. Trouble is, I'm overwhelmed and a mess in the studio. LOL

Hugs to Kitty~~
Have a wonderful week.
Blessings, Celestina Marie

MosaicMagpie said...

Wonderful news about Josie! The gifts are beautiful and so perfect for you. Each piece is so feminine, the heart is sweet. I am sorry to hear you are overwhelmed with work. Save a little time each day for yourself, even if it seems there is no time left.

Marj Talbot said...

Yeah Josie. What a cutie and so glad she's doing better.
I can relate to the absence in my sewing room, but a table topper is almost done and my serger has come to life so things are looking up.
That package you received is VERY nice - love the blue lace and the little heart. So much talent around and so many ideas. Thanks all for sharing.

Laura said...

Cute Jojo, real cute.

You know what's note cute? WORKING TOO MUCH!! If I have to decorate your Christmas tree for you this year I am withholding your presents... and going to TOWN with the tinsel.

Suztats said...

So glad to read that Miss Josie is doing well! Lovely gifties from Angela. Hope they spark some wonderful ideas for when you have some creating time. Don't forget to take care of you! Hugs

Createology said...

Dear Jillayne: I am so sorry you are feeling overwhelmed and not able to be creative in your studio. I completely understand taking on too much. I have to force myself to sit on my hand so I don't volunteer for everything! Very thankful that Miss Josy phine is feelin feline fine once again. She obviously knows how much you love her and how well you care for her. How very sweet of Angela to send you such lovely treasures. I shall visit her blog right after yours. May you have a blissful week and find some time for yourself to make something creative...

Diane said...

Jillayne, Angela's gifts are just lovely! Knowing your passion for beautiful fabrics, etc. I can imagine how surprised and delighted you were!

So happy to hear your little ginger cat is on the mend.

And...I hear you on feeling overwhelmed. That was my diagnosis early this summer. And like you, I cannot give up working with fabric. So I've decided that paper crafts have to go except for my cards or if I need a tag to include with one of our Etsy purchases. Unless they invent a 48 hour day....! LOL!

Can't wait to see what you do with these snippets!

Hugs, Diane