Friday, June 5, 2009

Busy As A Bee!

Every single time there is any hope of getting caught up (I gave up hoping to get ahead long ago and now strive for just getting caught up!) I go and get a new idea..... you would think I would eventually run out room in the old noggin but apparently not - at least not yet! Let me just say this one will require a huge amount of work and a lot of time to bring to fruitition, but might just end up being my best achievement yet! 

Charm School at the Sewing Basket is this Sunday and I am mustering up all the prizes, give aways and goodies. We have planned several project demos and everyone will get kits for each project - how great is that! (Really, it's just so I don't have to be alone with a growing "To Do" pile!) Jan has also hinted at an amazing sale for the participants and I can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve!?!?

And of course, come Monday, it's on to the next Demo. I thought by now I might be stumped about what to offer up but as we all know in there is no shortage of new things in the quilting world. I found a new diamond ruler in the store as well as diamond-shaped papers, and may just have to prove that diamonds are indeed a girl's best friend. Stay tuned....

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