Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thinking Is Fun!

Well, I did it! - Followed through on my magazine cover quilt idea for the last demo and it went very well; a lot of discussion was generated and everyone seemed quite intrigued with the idea. I ran through the process from first finding the magazine and then how fabric selections were made. We discussed a little about how I would choose a design and then edit the fabrics if required. When designing from scratch you need to keep things fluid and allow the fabrics to speak out - at least once in a while!

I now have the result 3/4 finished and spread out on my sewing room floor. I had seen a design on the internet that I thought would work well, but as I drafted it out changes kept wiggling in so it now "resembles in part" what I first saw! I do wish my math skills were less "creative" and more "mathematical"  though.

I very much want to finish it in time for tomorrow because in this project, perhaps more than in most, the binding is integral to the overall look. And of course, I have several other ideas for tomorrow to bring to fruition...

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