Saturday, May 2, 2009

Funky Flowers

It happened again - I worked at the store yesterday and got inspired by yet another Charm Pack! They are such addictive little things and I have done so many things with them but here I am with what I think is, of course, a really good idea - ha ha, we'll see! The fabric is what I call "Mod Squad" and makes me think of funky flowersfrom the sixties, so I have spent a pleasant hour crawling on the floor of my sewing room trying out different layouts and ideas. The fun is in the planning (I have been known to say that about every step of the process as I get to it!).

I am still on my magazine cover tangent and ideas are flowing; the colour scheme is worked out (still to be matched up to actual fabric though!) and a rudimentary design is coming to mind. I am trying to let the graphic design??? of the magazine cover lead me and it has already taken me to a few interesting places....

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