Sunday, April 22, 2018

a mixed bag...

at the risk of repeating myself, I seriously do not know where the time goes - but poof! another month long gone...

I read an article about time and our sense of it passing and the main gist of it was, the happier you are in what you're doing, the faster the time goes

and if you want time to slow down, get a 9 - 5 job you hate

that's a sobering thought...

I can honestly say I love every day

each one is a gift, and though some of them are simple ordinary days filled with the usual amount of the mundane, all of them, always, are accepted with grace and joy just for the simple fact of there being that one more day

and perhaps in a small effort at slowing down a little, more and more I find myself turning to handwork...

there are certain things that work better when sewn on the machine, but if I can do it by hand, I do

it's certainly slowed me down in terms of production, but greatly increased my satisfaction, and the bag you'll see below is a perfect example of that

the pattern was given in the facebook group India Flint created for those who bought her pattern "Bagstories"

mine is entirely pieced by hand as I think everyone in the group did as well, and how gratifying it was 

time-intensive, yes, but really, so what?

I was in no hurry to "git 'er done"

I even pieced the strap and embroidered it


you bet, but again - so what?

this bag will hold my travelling watercolour set, small weaving loom and a notebook I made

India called it a "Wayfarer's Wander Bag" 


last week I got back to this, adding a few more French knots and beads, which I've run out of and will have to wait until next month when I'm in Calgary to get more

the paper in the upper left is a couple of pages for a small book which I have joined together with buttonhole stitch - an idea from Karen's Artist Book class - I want to use it with my latest addiction of card-making

as well, I've been working on a visual reference binder for when I teach silk ribbon embroidery

seems like every time I teach I start a new sampler cloth to illustrate the steps, but this way I'll have a permanent step-by-step reference that students can take photos of if they wish and have to refer to in addition to the stitch diagrams I draw 

and finally, the pile of scraps has again reached a tipping point so I'm cobbling some together to make a cloth I can add embroidery to

a real mixed bag of this and that in my world of stitch 

and many pleasant hours spent in a state of happiness and delight

how are things in your corner?