Friday, March 16, 2018

delicate decisions

thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last post... the heart card especially has inspired further ideas

the other day i stitched some random strips together to create a surface for embroidery

silk, lace, handmade rosebud paper {not made by me} and a strip cut from some ivory silk i pin-tucked a while ago

it pays to have a stash of goodies like that when inspiration strikes

i've been adding french knots in white and pale, pale pink, crystal seed beads and a row of simple running stitch... so far...

then the great debate started up in my head...

what else to add?

bullion knot roses perhaps?

a spray of leaves in chain stitch or feather perhaps?

maybe fly stitch fronds?

last night this sat in front of me for the better part of half an hour whilst i waffled back and forth between any and all of the above... finally putting it aside to think about

this morning i decided that though enough was enough with my decision dithering, well, clearly i didn't have enough of this to experiment with...

so i made six more - not as large as this... tiny, diminutive even

little miniatures...

and tonight i will play

Sunday, March 11, 2018

little bits

this is one of my favourite days of the year... 

"spring ahead" day

some people are complaining bitterly about the time change but in a nod to my mother's attitude of making the most of things, for me, it means just what it's called... spring is truly ahead and so all's right with the world

 it's especially nice on a day like today where the sky is as blue as it can possibly be and the sun is beaming brightly

sunny days like this are especially nice in my sewing room as it has a big corner window and though it faces north-east, the light is beautiful, making it a happy place to be

most days I stand at my worktable for a few hours, working away at various bits of hand-stitching and lately i've been working on cards

cards are so much fun to make - using random bits, left-overs from other work, they come together quickly and oftentimes, no two are alike... "mini works of art" might be a stretch, but i think "delightful" might not be

the one above was a pure joy - simple, but so pleasurable to work on

there's just something about making french knots, and lots of them, that pleases me to no end

below is a play with some petal paper bought last september... it's very thin, in some areas especially, so it's been layered with a fine english muslin to add a little strength as well as give me a place to tie off threads... since this photo was taken the running stitch has been finished and a few more french knots added 

i like the way the pin-pricking and knots extend the lace, something i'd like to investigate further

this last bit is me experimenting with relief appliqué - hook, line and sinker, this is my new favourite technique... love it

all those wrinkle

it's a fiddle, no doubt of that, but so worth it

just in the process of working out the centre - more knots, beads maybe??? 
there will most likely be stitching that gets added between the petals - frondy-type ones?

it amazes me how many tries it takes to get things just right - designing is not easy, at least not for me

figuring out what to do with all these bits and pieces and ideas and things takes a lot of time, more time than if i just followed a pattern, and even though it's an exercise in frustration at times, it's so much more satisfying to figure it out for myself

and with a little bit of time, a little bit of effort and a little bit of this and that, i make a little thing that hopefully brings a little bit of joy to someone