Wednesday, November 29, 2017

cobbled cloth

ever since i embraced piecing fabrics together without a traditional seam i have been stitching together the tiniest scraps to make larger pieces of cloth 

it's bordering on a addiction now which is fun but also frustrating as i work with pieces that are sometimes no bigger than 1/2 inch square

they do wriggle and squiggle around

but they also create wonderfully unique pieces of cloth that i can use as they are, cut up, or in this case, handquilt

and for a purist, this is indeed three layers, held together by stitch

the top layer is all the snippety-bits which are carefully stitched together on a base of the lightest muslin 
once that is done the cloth is placed on a square of soft, spongy flannelette and then i hand-quilt it

a beautiful unique base for all sorts of interesting things
(which i haven't made yet!)

i've been distracted with card-making again

 here i've taken a fragment of paper and cloth, tacked it on to a piece of hand-made paper, added beads and french knots
as well as a few other stitches

mounted on a card blank, it becomes a small piece of art in it's own right

a few other designs i've been playing with... the heart below is adapted from a design put out by quilt mania a few years ago during one of their christmas advent projects available online

the stocking is of my own design

a simple appliqued stocking, a few french knots and felt holly leaves combined with scattered seed stitching

below you can see two designs from a process i'm developing at the moment

i'm playing about with gesso and matte medium, brushing them on linen, sketching with a permanent marker and then painting with watercolours
 finally, a little hand embroidery to add texture and interest

thrilled with the results, now conjuring up more designs... it never ends...

 maybe i'll try throwing a little applique into the mix?

and now back to cobbled cloth again... this time purpose-built to be backgrounds for collage-style cards

 i have two bases on the go, on one i'd like to do a tree, on the other i'm thinking about a deer

seems deer are everywhere in the design world though so i'm letting my thoughts on that one percolate for a bit whilst i finish up a few other things that have been lying around a little too long...

 the flotsam and jetsam of an inspired mind and fingers that can't keep up!