Saturday, July 22, 2017

exhibit "a"

must be a holdback from childhood but i find myself drawn to little bits and pieces of this and that...

perhaps it stems from watching my mom and a neighbour lady sewing and stitching and wanting to do a little of that myself - the only materials i had to work with were their cast-offs, the scraps of fabric and thread normally destined for the garbage were given to me instead to do with what i would

some of you may remember the cloth i was making a while back where each day i would stitch on a scrap... i began it in mid-february of last year and finished it in the cotswolds at the end of april this year... i left it in england, in very good hands - my friend christine who saved it from having to be anything but what it was - a piece of muslin with scraps stitched that formed a sort of square... 

coming home, i was at a loss - not for the cloth but for the practice - the daily endeavour... working patiently and slowly, making something substantial out of not very much

letting ideas percolate for a while, i remembered a calendar book i had that had nice large spaces, two for each day
one to write in, one for a stitched sample

and so a new daily practice was begun...

i love that i have space to write - "annotate your samples" mrs. ruane says

and she is right - sometimes i think the annotations are the best part 

some days an idea comes easily - other days it's a struggle

through doing this i am learning a little bit about what i like and lot about what i don't

 texture is huge

lace, especially when it's tattered and torn, "scratty" i like to say

soft faded colours

rumpled fabrics

a bit of stitching

my least favourite are the few that have stitch only

my most favourite are when all three are present

some days it's been a grind - some of these have taken more than an hour - they're usually the ones i like the best though so i recognize the value of the time spent

more than anything though, the pages, as they fill up and accumulate, are a delight to flip through

a true delight...

i've secured the swatches at the top with tiny knots - the bottoms are free so i can lift the swatch and see the underside - it makes them a little more fragile as the pages are turned but for now i'll leave them loose - i don't know about you but there's something wonderful about being able to look at the back of a stitched piece

mrs. ruane would tell you it's "evidence" and she would be right

so here then, is "exhibit a"

Monday, July 17, 2017


thanks so much for your very kind comments on my last post - it's very humbling to know that there are still some of you that come by here now and then to see what i'm up to and say hello

i'm going to set up a bookmark system for your blogs so that i can get to them with some regularity - usually i access them from here but that means when i can't face my blog, i don't get to yours

hopefully it will work better and i should have it done in the next day or two...

summer is always such a busy time for me but i think it's slowing down a bit now - the cherries are off the trees and in the freezer, raspberries are half-done, garden is plodding along, company has come and gone etc. etc.

 the other day i even said i like winter better - i have far more time for creative pursuits and i can make oven dinners!

anyway, enough with the whining and now a little show and tell...

i've been working away on the pages and additions for my artist book

 weaving has captured my interest of late, especially irregular weave and though i bought myself a rigid heddle loom and a small frame loom along with my wee weaver, i haven't really had much time to work with them lately so i've been playing a bit with fabric and lace, adding a little stitch to the mix as well

simple fabric buttons on a strip of lace

 this one i really liked doing - the appliqued circles, stuffed and surrounded with stitch are a delight to do - the one with french knots was a little tedious and though i was worried it wouldn't show well, what with all the background texture, i am very happy with the result

it's what's below that really has me fired up though...

a few years ago i pieced strips of silk and lace to make a background - for what i have no idea - likely nothing, if the truth be told - just an itch i had to scratch

anyway - i cut a piece off which i used on a page shown in my last blog post, and was then left with a fairly good sized remnant

it took a little doing but i rolled it into a tube, secured the side, threaded some gimp through it, threaded beads and a button onto the gimp, made knots and swirls and more knots and sewed it to it's own page

 don't ask me why, but so far, it's my favourite thing in the whole book

i am fickle though, and more often than not, each new thing i do becomes my favourite so we'll see how long this lasts

since i've taken these pictures, a few have changed: stitches and beads, more off-cuts, more cast-offs... the pages are filling up and it won't be long before i can sew the book together, and then it will be time to turn my attention to making a slipcase for it

and on it goes...

Sunday, July 9, 2017


it's hopeless - i'm hopeless...
every time i think "life' will slow down a little and let me back to blogging with some sort of regularity, things get in the way - really, it's me that gets in my own way

i'm lousy at sorting out priorities and tend to focus on the first thing in front of my face, forgetting all else around me...

anyway, i'm here now, melting in our bc heatwave, with trees full of ripe cherries calling out to me... keeping my head down and typing away

very little stitching has taken place these past six weeks but i am slowly carving out a little bit of time to work on a little artist's book filled with little samples of stitching

samples of stitches i like to do, samples of materials i like to use

 stitching on the pages themselves now and again

the one you see pictured above and below is actually the jazzed-up backside of a stitched flower - it was neat enough that a few beads knotted in the centre and a stitched fragment covering the back of a petal that was appliqued were all that was needed to let it be a stand-alone page of it's own

oddly enough, it's one of my favourites in the whole book

an artist's book is an ideas book - something i can look back on over the years whenever i need a healthy dose of inspiration
it can remind me of a favoured technique but also will sometimes strike a spark and set me off in whole new directions

memories in stitch, filled with a promise for tomorrow

sounds like a good read to me