Friday, March 24, 2017

a journey...

if you've been a follower of mine for any length of time you'll know i've taken more than a few online classes from this lady...

karen ruane of contemporary embroidery teaches online classes and i've been taking them since 2012

can't begin to tell you how many amazing things i've learnt over the years - wonderful techniques and ideas that have pushed and pulled me in so many ways, added such creative joy and brought me back to my first love...

hand embroidery

our latest class, "embroidery school" has karen making cloth sample pages and i thought i would do the same but mount mine on art paper

one side a diminutive cloth sample of something particular, the other a paper-based sampling of similar ideas

this spread is central to the hexagon shape

one side with fabric hexagons and stitch details

the other paper

taking stitches from one side to the other, matching colour and certain stitch details

not re-interpreting every element, just creating two sides that together, make a whole

such great fun - and wonderful like-minded people who do similar things in ways that are just a little bit different

feeding on each other's ideas and enthusiasm, it's an amazing group in every class

what's truly amazing though, is that in not a long time, i'll be winging my way over the pond to take a class with karen in london, england, along with nine other people i've met through her classes over the years

how lucky can a girl get????

i'll try to post here along the way, and i'll definitely be posting images of our journey on instagram, as we traipse through england, scotland and ireland... you can find me there as "jwafineseam" if you're interested...

it will be an amazing journey... i just know it...