Saturday, December 24, 2016

christmas present, and christmas past

rolling through saved images on my laptop, it's lovely to look back on some of my favourite things that i've made over the years
in a fit of nostalgia, i thought i would post some of them here... memories perhaps for some of my readers who've been with me for a long time

the wishing stars were a favourite

i've forgotten now the exact number i made for those of you gave me a word
but i know it was many
the stars piling up, the image below one of my very favourites ever that i've posted on my blog

the year of the mice...
so much fun to make, especially when it comes to their faces
always amazing to me how the shape of the head has as much impact as the set of the eyes or placement of the whiskers

the santa mice, hats askew, the fiddly yet adorable glasses perched at just the right angle... these guys made me laugh over and over again

the little penguins, with stovepipe hats almost as tall as they themselves... tottering on awkward feet, unbalanced by their large bellies, anchored again by a tiny wreath

a santa stocking for a forgetful son, souvenir tweed from pitlochry, scotland

tiny patchwork and quilted cards... using the last scraps of favourite holiday fabrics

 i hope i'll always make things for christmas - there's just something so magical about this time of year, especially when it comes to making and creating

 inspiration and joy abound, perfection is out the window

unpacking some of these treasures each year brings back so many memories... the making of them, yes, but also the blog posts that shared them with all of you

i'm so lucky in my blog, it's readers, many of whom are now friends - i've only ever had wonderful, thoughtful comments; beautiful thoughts shared, from me to you and back again

one just recently by "ancient wanderer" was especially touching - i wanted to send you a personal reply but there was no email link...
please know it meant a lot to me that you took the time to leave it...

  the other day, as the sun was moving lower, not quite sunset but almost, the sky cleared a little {for the first time in ages!} and the far hills were kissed with the rosy glow
of the sun skipping along their tops, catching the snow and the whole world sparkled

it was one of those moments when you are so very glad you happened by a window, glad you can see, glad for a camera to capture it a little, glad for the world, and your place in it... grateful suddenly for every good thing in your life

i hope for all of you, in your lives, wherever you are, that you can be glad too

merry christmas to all of you!

Friday, December 16, 2016

an open heart...

continuing on with getting plastered...
{sorry - couldn't resist that!}

i'm still in love with this technique and though i haven't had a lot of time to muck about with it, i am on my second round of cards

i ran out of pale green silk ribbon, had enough cream for one card and so am now on to the palest pink imaginable
i tried brighter colours, really i did, but the trouble is, they completely overtake the design

their brightness overpowers the delicacy of the plastered stitching, to the point you really don't notice it, and for me, that's the main event, the "raison d'etre", if you will

so until i can get to a store with a better selection than what's available locally, it is what it is...

very pale, very delicate
 perhaps not terribly christmassy but certainly classy and sophisticated - i'll bling it up with the beads, paper and binding thread

 they do remind me of royal icing...

i'm working on a heart-shaped one to send to my best friend ever
she lost her mom a couple of days ago and is heart-broken

a heart-shaped wreath came immediately to mind

i like the open heart design - i like the space it leaves for what you want it to hold

full hearts have their place, but grief and memory need their own space i think

i can't imagine what the world must be like when your mom isn't in it... i think mothers are like anchors; not in a bad way, tying one down, but in the best kind of way - a mooring perhaps... safe harbour

 oddly enough, her mom was my "mom" for a while
after my parents split up, so did hers

we were in Grade 9 then, and so many people thought we were sisters {always together, same long blonde hair, same glasses etc. etc.} and one day we decided maybe we should be real sisters

so we fixed up her mom and my dad on a date

by thanksgiving of grade 10 they had moved in to our house - the four of them, and the four of us

three boys and three girls
people all over town called us "the brady bunch"

sadly, it was too much, too soon and by grade eleven it was down to dad and i again
{confucious' interesting times alright}

anyway, there are good and kind people who moved through my life, looked out for me and were helpful to me when i was young and lynne was one of the best
always calm, kind, reasonable and understanding
helping me learn to put in a zipper
unpicking it when i made a royal mess of it
patience to no end

managing two teenage girls with goodness and grace, and the freedom to roam...

i can still her saying, "you girls have fun... but be careful and don't be home late."

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


seems like everything i try and do these is pokey-slow
most especially with this poor old laptop of mine... it's over nine years old now and though it does everything i want it to, it does it very slllooowwwwllyyyyy...

it has taken me fourty-two minutes to transfer seven pictures from my camera to here

which might have something to do with my blogging less these days

but that might also have something to do with the light as well - it's a challenge to take pictures at all some days

the photo taken below is a mid-day shot, out the dining room window
we've had so much fog and rain lately that lights have to be on all day long - this day, where the sun finally poked out of the clouds was the first sunshine we've seen in these parts for weeks
they call it the "lake effect"
i don't mind the fog, except when it comes to taking photos


but the combination of sun and fog always delights

 a couple of posts ago i showed this new technique i've learned of late - my favourite ever, i think i said

i've taken it a little further and made some christmas cards...

 the candy-cane twine used to "bind" the card and insert paper together came at the suggestion of a kindred spirit who, whilst admiring the stitched portion and the selected card stock for the card itself, thought a touch of red somewhere might perk things up a bit

 when i tried adding red to the wreath itself it over-powered the design so this was a good compromise... i plan on making more cards as almost all of these sold so i'll experiment a little with ribbons and/or beads in the next round

 i do love the pale icy beauty of this version though

 and the little fragments of lace

 and of course the poked holes
texture upon texture, building up the layers
i made a tree version and am thinking a star would be lovely too
and then i have some beautiful snowflake cookie cutters...

and i'm off...