Sunday, November 20, 2016

this and that...

i've been battling a terrible cold for the past two weeks, cough, hacking, sneezing - laying low

the only good thing has been a pardon for all regular chores and each day, for an hour or two if the light is good, i work on my embroiderer's design ledger

i first took this class four years ago but with a full schedule of teaching classes of my own i did not get very far...

karen's doing a re-run of it, along with a bit of new material and i jumped at the chance to do this one again

an embroiderer's ledger is a design book you make yourself

taking an image of inspiration, identifying colour and pattern, working with that information and then extending it with your own ideas

you've seen a little already in my last post... here's what i've been up to since then

 the light here has been so terrible these past weeks that i have had to have the lights on all day, everyday, so my images are not the best... the bottom circle is actually a beautiful forest green...

but oh, how i love this page... love, love, love

 in a fit of nostalgia for much-loved classes, i re-visited another one i did with karen "lace, paper, cloth and stitch" and created this lovely strippy fabric - eventually it will make it's way on to one of the pages in this book

taking a page from my last post, i've since added simple embroidered detail - it's amazing how that can lift a design

 working with and isolating pattern

 more design work, extending pattern, yet another textured surface to work on

again, the addition of stitch can change things so dramatically

always working to maintain cohesion, trying to move things forward

i have already done much, much more in my book, ideas flowing faster than the pen can move, one building on another

right now i am happily up to my ears in french knots!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

ground, path, fruition...

i've written here lately, of brittany's creativity challenge i participated in a week ago, how much i loved it...
i find some of the discoveries i made still very much in the front of my mind - ideas, and perhaps even ideals, are constantly evolving, new insights developing, as if my creative brain is percolating away on high

i mentioned before i've had an interest in weaving for a very long time now
i remember grade school weaving with construction paper, graduating to yarns on a peg loom... a small hand-held nail loom for weaving long tubes that could then be made into all manner of various things

simple, childish weaving, the mechanics of which were fascinating

but there was more to the feeling, even then

i babysat once for a one-time weaver... her loom long gone but a set of placemats on the kitchen table begged to be handled -  the ridges and valleys formed by fibres of varying weights explored with gentle stroking and the feelings invoked were more than that of a new discovery; they felt more like the memory of a love

the frame loom i ordered a while back took a few weeks to arrive and i was itching to begin
i remembered a bead loom i had bought - not to do beadwork on 

i did a lot of that in my teenage years and have no desire to take it up again 

 i bought the bead loom for experiments with weaving fabric and wire (which i still haven't done!)

i dug it out, threaded it with plain dmc #12 perle coton and using an over-dyed valdani #12 perle coton, i painstakingly wove about an inch

it was such a pain - the bead loom set-up couldn't hope to hold the warp threads tight enough, which resulted (with my inexperience!) in a very uneven little swatch

but i was smitten

two weeks ago my frame loom arrived

i'm in a big hurry to learn as much as i can about all things relating to weave

brittany, who hosted the spark your creativity challenge, is the own/creator of " the weaving workshop " and she teaches an online class called 

"ground. path. fruition."

a class to motivate, inspire and challenge

"to focus on your creative weaving process and engage in weaving as a meditative practice, while exploring materials and media"

to develop a personal practice of weaving that includes more than the warp and the weft, where the maker works from both knowledge and compassion, mind and heart

the next session of this class begins on november 14... a little too soon for me
technically i could do it, even though i'm a beginner, but i want to approach this class from a place of a little more knowledge than i presently have

i want to weave a few things first, get better at setting up the warp, smoother in my technique
{i don't mind imperfections - i just want to know how they happened so if i like them i can repeat them!}

i highly recommended the "spark your creativity challenge" and while i can't yet offer a first-hand commendation for "ground. path. fruition. i can say that i have no doubt that it will be fabulous

no doubt at all...

{here's a wonderful article about brittany over at the textile artist website !}