Friday, September 30, 2016

here we go again...

don't adjust you're computer - you are indeed in the right place...

i'm finally here with a new blog post - and yes, the colours are indeed bright!

we've been away for a few weeks and so september has flown by at warp speed... preparing to go, gone, and now home again with a laundry list of chores and yard work

when i travel i find it very hard to do much stitching, especially when visiting family - there are just too many other wonderful things to be doing
but now i'm home again, i find myself missing my daily dose of needle and thread and so, for the past few days, i've been immersing myself in a new online class

she's making one of her beautiful wrapping cloths but we can all do pretty much whatever we want (except talk in class or use staples or glue - none of us have tried duct tape yet but i'm sure it's on the "no-no" list)

i'm making a child's quilt - bright happy fabrics

there will be pieced blocks in a rail fence design, but i plan on doing a non-traditional layout, which will be interspersed with long panels of white cloth sporting appliqued and embroidered flowers, design ideas taken from the cloth 
no specific plan for the flowers, just letting myself wander down the garden path

alongside the quilt i'll be doing some sample stitching and designing on hot-pressed water-colour paper using the same fabrics and motifs as for the quilt but adding in a few things that perhaps aren't eminently suitable for a child's quilt - such as beads, sequins and gimp

simple shapes - infinite possibilities

this triangle is appliqued to the paper (not as easy as i thought it would be!)
gimp and beads add a fun fringe

the first fanciful flower

 a study in circles - the pin-pricked bit at the top left has already been cut out - it was a mess and i didn't like it so it's gone - what i've done in it's place is much nicer i think - i'll show you that tomorrow

the stitching at the right is a test piece - you could say, "sampling for the sample"

i want to do a circle outline with french knots enveloped in chain stitches so this is where i figured it out
{when stitching on paper there are not much opportunities for second chances - once a hole is made, it's there...}

i love the effect of this - i'm sure someone far more clever than i figured it out long ago but i don't think i've ever seen it done so it's a new idea for me

i'm half-way through the circle now so i'll post that tomorrow as well

i'm hoping so much to have more of a presence here again - i've cut my work back to just one day a week now, planned out a "schedule" for my days... channeling my inner nine year old's back-to-school longing where my favourite thing in the first days back was when the teacher had us write out our daily timetable

 working with the belief that if i plan it, it will happen

and so, here we go again...