Thursday, August 25, 2016


one of the things i love best about summer is just how random things are...

visitors dropping in now and then, things ripening in the garden a little at a time - tiny collections of this and that, rounding out an evening meal

it's been pretty random in my sewing room as well

i worked on a few more elements from the quiltmania "en attendant noel" advent from last december

the buttons done a while back are sewn in place, over top trailing vines with felt leaves

 a scrap of blue with silk ribbon embroidery, loving the effect the seed stitches give

layers of fabric and cheesecloth give structure

a linen heart with ribbon knots and a precious scrap of mokuba silk ribbon, i still want to try my hand at replicating it

the background ribbons, which form an "x" for the heart to rest on are making me crazy - i'm either going to stitch them down to tame their unruly ways or take them off altogether
haven't decided yet, but soon...

 and so it grows, slowly and surely

the next designs are definitely more christmassy in theme and while i'm keen to get this finished, i'm not yet in the mood for santas and reindeer

a day spent with my youngest niece yielded a lovely green rag quilt - she chose the fabrics herself, determined it be green - a quilt for her stuffed monkey "georgie" which grew to encompass them both

she did every bit of the layout and sewing and half of the snipping


 and finally,  all i've managed in my storybook is to glue down the tissue paper

though i don't normally glue my work, this piece was meant to be on the inside cover so no chance of stitching it in - i thought about double-sided tape but was worried about the delicate edges of the tissue getting destroyed... in the end i decided to glue it, and i'm so glad i did

it was tricky, but i love how the thin fragile edges have melted into the book, becoming one with the page - glue was the only way to achieve that look and for me it was worth it

 the embroidered pieces are stitched to the tissue so if i ever needed to i could take a seam ripper and very carefully snip the stitching to release it

next up for this book is a silk cape for the rabbit - there's an illustration where he's hugging himself against the chill and i'm going to channel my inner chanel  and make him something special

for now though, as summer wanes, random continues to be the order of the day...