Sunday, July 31, 2016

a story of my own...

progress in my storybook stitching is slow, each stitch, every idea painstakingly thought out 
some components made specifically for exact locations, other made simply from desire and then carefully considered on several pages before final decisions are made

here the rabbit is telling the mouse he's found a tree with one bright, shiny red apple... too high for him to reach alone

the mouses' mental image of the tree is presented in a beautiful paper and lace thought bubble

on the same page spread i've added a spirit tree

forests, especially the ones in storybooks, are filled with animals and trees, some of which you can see, and always those you can't 

over time, i'll be adding more white spirit trees to these pages, some with ink and others with stitch - i'm almost certain this will be the only paper one... i love it, it was the first, and so it must be special, separate...

the bear, sleeping in his den, stirs, and through misty, snow-filled dreams, he senses something going on outside

hand-embroidered machine-made lace makes a perfect blizzard

 trees figure prominently in the illustrations of this storybook and so they will in my work as well

this pin-tucked tree perfectly illustrates the delicacy of a bare tree's branches

and this one small tree, made on a whim, has given me a veritable forest of ideas

even the reverse side, seen below, has amazing potential...

fiddly, finicky, fragile

there's nothing for it but to glue this one down - the tissue paper foundation is delicate and needs to be securely fixed in place

and so it will be the frontispiece of this storybook

i like that, for as much as this book is about the animals working together, it is also about the beauty of winter...

the beauty of the winter forest

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

stitching snow

 making a little progress in my book, but ideas are swirling around in my head like a veritable blizzard and i'm running from one to the other, starting many, finishing only this so far...

 i don't mind though because i love this best 

paper, machine stitch, torn edges and appliqued circles in paper and silk

i considered adding hand-stitching to some of the open areas but in the end i decided to leave them plain; a nod to the unbroken swaths of snow found in the open spaces of a winter's landscape

 the thin edge of the upper right is unbelievably fragile so i have tacked this all the way around... unable to lift it to reveal the scene that lies beneath, as a child reading a story, you will have to imagine the rest for yourself...

and pale and faded as the page itself, i've added these little ghost trees to the inside of the back cover

it wasn't planned, doodling one in order to test a pen, i couldn't resist and so filled the page

i think it will be a good ending...

and it's just like me to turn to the back of the book first