Saturday, April 16, 2016

a coming together...

sometimes i feel as though what i've been doing has been completely scattered... disparate ideas and workings that leave me with a heap of random bits and pieces and the wondering of what i'll ever do with it all...

we're having a quilt show here in june and i've been wanting to make something for it, something of my own design

even though june is rapidly approaching, and the registration deadline faster still, i've refused to force the idea issue, trusting that the right one will come in time

the beginnings of it floated about in my consciousness this past week - snippets of ideas, random flotsam and jetsam of the mind
a thought, a quick sketch, notes scribbled here and there, letting it brew

 as that was happening in the background of my mind, i muddled along with the stitching on this scrap of paper i eco-printed last summer

silk ribbon and variegated embroidery thread

all the while thinking that this year i would like to dye more of my threads and ribbons, a process also flirted with last summer

below is my effort with lavender

it was then that all the scattered thoughts coalesced, cohesion in that common thread

a wall-hanging, using my favourite pieces of hand-dyed and printed paper, the threads and ribbons that stewed and brewed for months in the little jars that were stacked in the bathroom window for so many weeks

bits of silk fabric from sample packs from here

 and many of my random stitching experiments: dragon--scale smocking, stitched and slashed paper and lace cloth, lace snippets on silk, pin-tucked fabric, lace cloth

 a coming together, i think

 in short order my work table was covered with all manner of bits and pieces, anything with commonality to the central idea

even a fragment of stitched silk from a piece worked on for our show of three years ago

and so an idea grows...

Monday, April 4, 2016

button up

ever since i was very small i've loved buttons...

my mom had a wooden box filled with them - beautiful sparkly "diamond" buttons, pearly white ones, plain ones, pretty ones, not-so pretty ones

on rainy days we four kids would dump it carefully onto the kitchen table and one would draw their finger through the shimmering pile, first down the middle, dividing it in half, and then cross-wise, through the centre again

we'd pick our piles and then the sorting would again, looking for favourites, looking to see who got the "diamond"button

no wonder then that i love to make them

first i made snippet lace, a wonderful technique i learned in classes over at karen ruane's site, "contemporary embroidery"

attaching one piece to some lovely crinkled silk, the other to rustic linen

lines basted, embroidery next

little ribbon roses, tiny french knots

clustered here and there

a buckle for a form

and then two little buttons!

 the round white one is made on the usual snap-form available in many sizes in general sewing stores

no plan for these pretties - i made them not to put on something specific... simply because i wanted to

someday they'll find their way onto a project or two but in the meanwhile i'll just enjoy looking at them

and you can bet i'll be keeping my eyes open for other unusual ideas for button forms...