Saturday, November 28, 2015

stringing you along...

"dragging you along" might be a tad more accurate...

may i inflict one more mitten post on you????

as i was working away on the mittens from the previous post i happened upon a package of paper napkins with an image of felt mittens strung on strings that reminded me of a clothesline

they inspired me to scoot home and try my hand at my own designs...

these ones are all felt...

the pattern is my own - but seriously, it's a mitten... how many ways can there be to draw one???

there is a wonderful satisfaction though in taking pencil in hand (and a rather large eraser in the other!) and coming up with your own

i wanted a fatter, curvier mitten than the ones in the previous post

with simpler appliques - less contrived, more "me"

this white one with pale blue and grey is my favourite

but this tree one is a close second... very close

i do love how the blue seems to glow

 a ragged star on green hounds-tooth

{my favourite gets two showings!}

perfectly paired with a grey heart on dark brown with a pink cuff


even the cut-out is pretty...

 five little mittens strung in a row

complete with pom pom snowballs

i feel an addiction coming on...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

little mittens...

been awhile, since i've posted here - seems i ran out of words for a while and now here we are,  it's almost the season for this - building snowmen

we've had a skiff of snow now and again, nothing lasting, but the hills all around the lake are sprinkled with it

local folklore has it that it's a six week span from when it hits the top of the mountain to covering the ground at our feet

building a snowman  - the rites of winter-time childhood, mittens on strings, pom-poms on hats

a few of my favourite winter-time things

 the pattern for these cuties is by primitive gatherings

at just over 3" long, they are fiddly 

 but ever so delightful

the pattern's instructions are for them to be finished as ornaments, and i do have a set of those almost finished

but what you see here is a wall-hanging, long and narrow

six mittens in a row, they'll be "hanging" from a loopy string

it's actually yarn, and i'm thinking i'll twist or braid a few strands together, making small tassels at each end

thinking about how i may or may not incorporate these lovely little birch bark trees into the mix

but knowing for sure there will be pompoms!

the border fabric has been kicking around here for a long time - by "whimsicals" 

i adore the smokey blue-grey of it, the grubby, slumpy snowmen and the tilty off-kilter words

when i appliqued the ornaments in place i left the tops open, in case i want to add anything else - perhaps a rickety candy-cane or two???

a wonderful little project to work away on in the evening hours, when it's too dark and the light is too dull for anything but quiet lamp-light stitching...