Wednesday, September 23, 2015

colour play

the days and weeks have flown past - i have no idea whatsoever how we've gotten to the last days of september but the calendar tells me it is so...

we've been away - down to oregon to visit family, and a wonderful visit it was
there was even a baby to play with - happy days indeed!

finding my way back to the everyday - the garden is still growing, albeit more slowly than on warm summer days, but there is still turnip, swiss chard, leeks, beets, carrots, arugula and kale - now i understand the the true meaning of harvest!

i will miss my garden during the months of winter but will be planning and dreaming of playing in the dirt again next year...

just before we went away i took advantage of what seemed like the last summer day

i sat out on the patio with a pile of bits and pieces and played with colour

the image above was cut from a magazine - an inspiration piece, something to pull colour ideas from

starting with a row of smyrna crosses

 one of my favourite stitches, highlighting some of the colours that appeal most to me

 choosing fabrics that replicate some of the characteristics of the cloth in the picture, then isolating some and pulling yet more colour ideas from them

a very fiddly but oh-so-glad-i-did-it row of french knots on a tiny strip of water-colour paper

 interpreting ideas with buttons
{i think i liked the button exercise best of all!}

 unsure of how i wanted to paint a colour card, i first tried circles with french knots...

and then rectangles with seed stitches

i liked the circles, loved the rectangles

that's the value of play - you can't know if you don't try... yes, it all takes time, but it's in the doing that comes the knowing and with each thing i try i get closer

closer to understanding what i like, and what i don't

and it was a most beautiful day to play

Sunday, September 6, 2015

lost and found...

a few posts ago i told you of my plan for little hearts holding captured words and thoughts...

almost immediately after writing that post i became somewhat discouraged... what i was doing was not what i had originally intended at all, and it made me kind of sad, as if i'd lost my way

the plan was for them to be light and airy and delicate - fragile in a way, the way broken and mended hearts often are

they would have scraps of lace and words trapped between layers of sheer silky softness

but that was not the direction i seemed to be going - not at all

somehow i'd wandered off on another path

velvet is not light and delicate and making lace to slip words behind was not the point at all -
i found i was concentrating more on the holes and whether or not they were large enough to see anything behind them - if there were enough, or if it was all too dense - the more i tried to figure it out the worse i felt

leaving it all in a heap, i went out to the garden to putter about

it was the end of the day and the sideways slanting sun lit up the plants with a beautiful green-gold light; leaves and stems burnished gently with a golden glow

it was a transparent kind of light, one where you could easily see the delicate webbing of tiny leaves

i frowned and then i smiled and the next morning i gathered some bits and pieces and in a corner of the same silk gauze i fashioned a little bit of joy...

 outlining the heart shape, adding scraps of tissue and lace, a scrap of paper with a simple word

safe and sound

i wondered how it would look if i placed it on the velvet hearts

pretty enough - better than the other idea, but although this was an improvement for the velvet heart, the velvet was not an improvement for it

perhaps that's a different project for another day -  for now though, the little word hearts are being made in the manner originally intended

a word, a feeling, a memory, a thought... 

caught in layers of beautiful delicate cloth; held up to the light, they are at once beautiful and ragged, the way the very best hearts always are

and what was once lost was found again