Monday, July 20, 2015

fiddly, finicky, phew!

writing a book seems to me to be a pretty daunting thing

stitching one - well, almost as much i think

but i did love every minute of it

the bling book is done now...

first in a series of small treatises on special subjects

i used bits and pieces from various experimentations with needle and thread, adding shiny bits along the way

i think my favourite thing i stumbled on whilst working on and in this little book are the tiny cluster of bead knots that kept springing up here and there - most definitely the finickiest of them all

but oh so pretty!

beaded "bullion" knots

 below, a failed attempt at pin-tucks was given new life with a meandering bit of strung beads intertwined with sparkly thread

tiny sequins add just enough sparkle

a wonderful sampling of shiny, sparkly things, and proof that a little bit goes a long way

this has been a perfect summertime project... easy to pick up and put down, nothing terribly involved, just playing with pretty bits and pieces - it's lovely now to turn the finished pages but i'm kind of sad it's done 
wondering which book to try my hand at next - i'm almost thinking it might be easiest to just put all the subjects into a hat and pull out the next one... 

volume two to be released soon...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

a bling thing

i wouldn't normally describe myself as a bling-girl...

but i do love a sparkly bead or two in my embroidery

several months ago, in a class i was taking with karen ruane, she created the prettiest cloth using bits of bling - it was so delightful that many of us in the class were inspired to make our own bling cloth...
{mine is till in progress - duh, what else is new??? - but you can see a portion of it in the centre of my blog header}

i'm still messing about with the gimp and embroidery - haven't got to the bling just yet - it's the last thing you add as getting the piece into an embroidery hoop can be a challenge if it's already covered in beads

on karen's blog these past weeks she's been showing {among other lovely bits} some lovely little inspiration books she's making... as i love making little books, it wasn't long before i'd assembled a neat little stack of 4" x 5" booklets, just waiting to be filled with little bits of this and that

{my thises and thats are what i like to call "off-cuts and out-casts" - sample pieces from trying various techniques, trimmings from cloth created through said various techniques that have to be cut to a certain size and so there are random sized pieces cut off but not discarded}

i want my booklets themed though - for now it gives me not just a starting point, but also a guidepost

the first one is "bling"

the little scrap you see above and below is a remnant from a piece fme snippet cloth i made

i've added some clusters of beads and a swirl of gimp
after all, bling is about shiny and luxurious and gimp is both those thing...

 a few little details and then tied to it's page

below you can see knots from aforesaid tying - aren't they adorable?
there's still more to do here, but for now i'm adding the big bits and will go in with the details later

 next up was this beaded trim i found in a local shop a while back - isn't it grand?

i really wanted to wrap it over the edge of the page, and stitch it through both sides to hold it in place - too fiddly for a hot day so i used acid free tape instead - i'll try the other idea out on a cold winter's day...

love the look of it though - peeking out like this

 whenever i make things like this i do what i know for sure first and then hope inspiration will come and lead me the rest of the way - sometimes i have to wait longer than i want for that to happen, but eventually it does, and i'm always happy to wait on it rather than rushing to be finished

a scrap of folded silk from a few years back, folds tacked together and some bead work emulating what is happening on the purchased piece

i found a beaded/sequined trim at the same time and have yet to use it for anything - it may appear in this book, but it may not - both have inspired me to try my hand at my own beaded trims though

these are sewn on a length of ribbon {of very crummy quality, sadly} so I think if I secure a ribbon well enough, if it's taut, i should be able to come up with something interesting of my own... another cold winter's day project i think!

and so the bling-book takes shape

i've made 14 of these booklets and they're all on the book shelf next to my work table, waiting their turn... my subject list includes: silk, linen, cotton, velvet, knots, chain stitch, feather stitch, herringbone, lace, florals, applique, bindings, colour, shape, pattern, toile... the list goes on

little books of exploration and inspiration

go here, here , here and here to see more and be inspired!