Sunday, May 25, 2014

all in a day's play

thursday i had a few spare hours to putter along with this project some more...

 i started with a thread wrap - i love doing them

they look like candy

"thread candy"

i'm going to try another one this week, one that will represent the idea of the branch a little better i think... i hope...

 i like how these fit together

along the way of this playing i've been doing, this sampling, i've come to embrace the merits of it more and more with each thing i do

a voyage of discovery - well, perhaps in my case, it's a  flight

i think i wasn't even half way through basting the blocks from my previous post when i decided they wouldn't work with what i'm doing - quilt blocks, yes, those colours - no

so, with my new idea at hand, i quickly laid out two more and immediately knew they were right

i've basted them now and am thankfully still convinced they will work

the batik fabric on the left of the piece above, the one with the writing... i bought that two decades ago on a 50% off rack - it has traveled the alaska highway three times, marking time on a shelves, waiting for the right thing to come along

there is some merit to having a fabric stash
{i'll concede there is probably not enough merit to warrant the size of my fabric stash, but... it is pretty stunning when you can haul out that perfectly perfect piece and know that it was well worth hanging on to!}

i'm still refining the initial draft of the tentative layout of the possible project

sketches are next i think...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

let it grow...

spending a little time puttering in my sewing room

working on my latest endeavour to create something original

the inspiration image i chose is somewhat whimsical whereas i'm thinking of something a little more edgy

it's a good jumping off point though, in many ways

my head has been spinning with ideas... what to use, how to do it, what colours, what, what, what

so i made a mind-map

 i didn't plan for the lines to be branches and the arrows to be leaves, but i can't draw a straight line for love nor money, and as i was trying to sort out where to place the bird image, the idea came to me

it was a simple matter of taking up a brown marker and enhancing my "curves" and thickening up a few lines

i quite like it but wish i'd thought of it from the start - i might have done a better job of it...

below are just some of the fabrics i'll sample blocks with

today i decided it was time to play with them

nine patch

the nine patch was the first quilt block i learned - simple, simple

 this was always one of my favourites

the "no idea" quilt block
 this one was just because i liked the fabrics so much i had to make something with them - i am a sucker for toile and if there isn't any in the final piece i will be most surprised!

 i'm quite taken with how they marry up with the inspiration image

 tonight i'll baste them and then over the next few days i can work on the hand and machine embroidery

this is so much fun - more than i thought it would be, this sampling thing

sampling fabrics, sampling design ideas, sampling stitch
no commitment, nothing cast in stone... just the seed of an idea, beginning to take root

"let it blossom, let it flow"

Sunday, May 11, 2014

a funny thing...

 funny peculiar, that is
not funny ha-ha

my last blog post was about my latest class with karen... alchemy, where we create our own... creation

she's our mentor, guiding us along, but where we go is up to us

last year i tore some pictures from various magazines that inspired me in one way or another
in form, or colour, line... something in each of them struck me in a particular way

i took them out and sifted through them, choosing half a dozen to work with, thinking that would give me a great scope for choice etc,,,

i posted the one below on my blog

and this blue/greige one in our dedicated Flickr group

playing with both, loving both
a good start

my two favourite colour palettes

i wrote here about how i liked the idea of the bird perched on the branch, poised in it's perch, safe in it's grip on the sturdy branch but wanting and ready to fly...using it's wings to soar the skies, letting the wind currents move it along

 immediately after completeing that post, i went downstairs to do my daily meditation... it was part of the latest oprah and deepak chopra 21 day meditation challenge

when i signed in i was dumbfounded by what was on the screen in front of me

that day's meditation was titled "expressing you" and the image was of a small bird, perched on a branch

i sat stunned for a full thirty seconds and then said "alrighty then"

seems the universe has spoken

i'll be working with the bird image

today i punched out this little window in some cardstock and laid out some strips of fabric

this i love

i am itching to play with this idea more... little scraps of fabric, laid out like miniature quilt blocks, peeping through a ragged window

adding embroidery

a window into heaven on earth

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

snippety bits and pieces

may is "snippets"

it's such a fun word, one i am happy to re-visit
the first time 'round it inspired a snippety bit heart

this time, i'm hoping for a whole quilt

this little scrap of a picture is getting me started

giving me a few ideas, things to try

 pulling fabric possibilities

and thread

why does he inspire me, i asked myself... 

the colour, the text, the branch for sure

but i also love this imagery - the little bird poised on the branch, holding on tight, safe in it's perch but ready to leap into the unknown

with pretty treasures on it's back

kind of like how i feel right now... 

karen is teaching alchemy again... my favourite class ever

i love how this class stretches you, helps you find your own way, all the while supporting and inspiring

it's a springboard that helps you land squarely in your own lovely pile of creativity

 i'm thinking i'll make a quilted wall-hanging, but i'm willing to see how the journey unfolds

 i've a pile of fabric and thread pulled out to play with

and a number of various images to inspire... this little guy is only the first... i'm off on an exploration of design, colour, stitch, etc. etc. etc

for the scientific sewing of wonderful things!