Tuesday, July 31, 2012

pitter patter

so about that posting more often thing

my feet have been pitter-pattering like crazy these days

and work has a terrible way of cutting into the day
 i've been putting in a few extra shifts these past weeks - like six days a week for three weeks
ick is all i can say
but this is the last of it and then things slow way down

on the flip side, my sewing room has never been this neat for this long
on the flippier side, i think that's kind of a sad thing

i bought this elf shoe tutorial from the feathered nest a while back and thought i might give my feet a rest and do a little soft shoe thing tonight

the pattern suggests using cardboard in the sole but i couldn't find any so i used fusible batting and glued in a piece of wire - i think it worked just fine


found a forlorn little bell for the toe
{if i want to make a pair i'll have to find another forlorn little bell - or i could mismatch them and make funky elf shoes - that might be fun...}

 i got as far as trimming the opening with some scraps of lace and decided that's enough for one night, after all, i should really ease my way back in gradually

baby steps

it's ironic my word for july was "play", as i had almost no time to do any
but maybe that's the point of it
maybe in order to know how important something really is, i have to do the exact, extreme opposite for it to really sink in
and believe me, it sunk in...deeply

i was looking at all my words the other day and they all kind of came together and i could see they aren't an odd or disparate collection but a growing body of thought with the message coming through a little at a time so i can absorb it well

august is coming, and with it another word

i hope it's rest!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mama Let Them Play

been a while since i posted...
  i thought i would do better... sunny, summer, busy days


let them play...

my mother was right all along - usually is, so i really should know better by now

to this day i can hear her say "you kids go out and play"
i can hear the inflection, the tone, the sound of her voice - can see her, right there, hands busy with something, calling to us over her shoulder while she got yet another chore done

i wonder how many times she said that while i was young...

this month, july, i am getting back to playing

and bozzy decided to join me - much to his delight 
(he looks delighted, doesn't he?)


we had dear friends to dinner on the 4th and as she is american we thought we would surprise her with a 4th of july american-style dinner
(yup, he's on the table but i wanted the flag in the background and he has only so much patience for being decorated and photographed - kind of like me!)

found this gorgeous fabric to play with....it will be a bag for sure and a tablerunner for maybe... not sure what else yet, but i do love the visual texture of the black lines

saturday we took mom & harold up in the mountains to sun peaks ski resort to see the sights and take in the quilt show
while mother and i ducked in to the fudge shop, the boys found this...

over-sized chairs are just too hard to resist!

i found some of these lovely japanese fabrics, perfect for backgrounds, at one boutique at the quilt show

 and a pack of light backgrounds in old-fashioned prints at the other - two of them have bee motifs on them and will be so much fun to play with

 some of the most fun i've had so far this month was playing with paper

my journal is all put together now and ready for me to play with words in it

i love the picture above but can you imagine playing in those clothes- give that girl some freedom!

a pretty page

i think the one above is my favourite in the whole book

some of the most fun i've had here in salmon arm is with my friend Glenda, parked at the counter of our favourite bistro, watching people parallel park on our narrow one-way street

talk about the u-smile cafe!

play - the freedom to move

 between you and me

yes mama, i hear you...

play is my word for july!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Glad Game

Did you ever read "Pollyanna"?
Do you remember the Glad Game...?

Walt Disney was de rigeur in our house, every Sunday night at 6:00
if dinner wasn't already over we would beg our Mom to let us roll the television into the dining room to watch the show

Pollyanna was a big favourite and the Glad Game struck a chord... I never played it by her rules, but kinda sorta followed my own version - usually by trying to find something good out of things that were bad... not always easy, but you tried anyhow

a few months ago I posted about a visit to the local antique store - remember, when Joe Crow pooped on me?

many of you said it was lucky, and now I think you may have been right

I saw a cabinet there, that day, from the old days of the Canadian National Railway

 it had all sorts of cubbies and slots and things - the kind of thing that would be just fine for a bunch of book-binding paraphernalia

even a nifty drawer to hide away really "important" stuff

my brain whirred and rattled along, imagining what I could put where, but at the end of it all, it was too much money and off I went, with the trusty cigar box under my arm and a wish in my heart

Saturday found me back there, warily looking up as I passed through the alley-way,
 looking for paper for my Remains of the Day book

 what I found was the cabinet... still there, still gathering dust
...and it seemed there was a deal to be had

today I hauled it home, washed it off and had me some fun!

I started with this assortment on the top...

 but quickly decided I liked this look much better

 and then spent a few happy hours cleaning, sorting and organizing, moving and re-arranging, getting all my book-binding supplies just so

I'm so glad it was still there...
glad the price came down to something I could afford
glad I went there that day
 glad I had the perfect place to put it
glad I have it to hold my treasures
glad for the treasures to put in it

lucky me indeed

as I was putting things to rights, I couldn't help but think of how much fun it would have been to have a cabinet like this when I was young...it would have made playing office AMAZING

or if I'd had it when my own children were little; they would have claimed it for their games - post office comes to mind...
each would have claimed a cubby for their own, and we would have left letters and messages all day long
I can just see them now, figuring out something for stamps, and finding letter openers in the drawers of everyday

imagination days

I'm glad for much

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Not Much Remains Now!

Of the day, that is... my supplies are a different story!
Been busy with all the bits and pieces of paper and fabric needed to make a good assortment of pages for my journal...
All I know for sure is that even with my limited supplies I could easily make a dozen!


Working Away On A Sunny Day!

Trying to learn some new tricks today - all creative, with both my iPhone and my art.
I'm thinking if I can post this way a bit you might just hear from me a little more.... Hopefully!
So here's what I'm up to at the moment...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Etude

etude: (noun) 
1. a piece of music for the practice of a point of technique
2. a composition built on a technical motive but played for it's artistic value

my favourite thing we did in Grade 5 was learning to use the dictionary

the teacher supplied a list of words and we had to find them, and write down the page, column, and place within the column

I still have a hard cover dictionary and every so often I will pick it up, open to a random page and begin reading


tonight I started working on a special project for a good friend and as I was gluing this scrap of music down I wondered what "etude" really meant - I knew it had something to do with musical composition but that was about as far as it went
(I lost my way in music class when the teacher started introducing upside down notes, in much the same way things went in math when letters were added to the mix...)

the dictionary definition of etude resonated with me, as loud and clear as the notes one contains

sometimes I make things solely to learn a technique; a study piece if you will - not meant to be anything but the learning of a process

other times, the desired end-state overrides and/or overwhelms any techniques required to get there

it's a good word - suits me just fine either way

my "Remains of the Day" journal cover lies under definition #1
simply trying to learn a process, following the bouncing ball, hitting the notes as they were written for my first try 

the next one will be me branching out, finding my own way to play, changing the tempo, and playing with the arrangement

the cover is set aside for now and I am gathering papers for the pages
 I have very little ephemera or other paper, except some scrap-booking paper and the odd tidbit I have saved over the past few weeks
not sure how they will all combine - definitely not a symphony in the making but perhaps a cute little ditty?

 tomorrow I'll start sewing them all together, and hopefully get some inspiration for finishing the cover... I'm not really happy with it yet but like all good books, maybe it needs it's pages to become whole

maybe words are what the cover needs too...
time for a little of definition #2?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Chance Reward

I've been trying to figure out how to write this post for a few days now

trying to find the "slant", as if I was a reporter or something
 the story is too broad, has too many angles, and I know if I had an editor they would be asking me what it is I'm trying to say

whenever I can't figure something out, I write

writing always makes my thoughts come together; loosely at first, but as I go, clarity creeps in and my thoughts and words become tighter and tighter and after a few paragraphs, the story emerges


I met someone

nothing odd about that really - except that I met someone on purpose who I discovered accidentally...
and it was marvelous

when we were invited to the wedding in California I got out the map, as I always do before a road trip, and looked to see where we were going and how we would get there, and I realized we would be passing very closely to where a favourite blogger of mine lived

I took a deep breath, emailed her and told her what we were up to, wondering if she might like to meet
 some of the best things in life happen when you take a chance, and we took a chance on each other

Sherry and I
Sherry not only wanted to meet, she and Mr. C very graciously opened their home to us, with the most amazing welcome ever
we had a wonderful time with them, touring their town, and their neighbourhood, enjoying their piece of heaven on earth

when you discover someone through their blog, all you really know about them is what they choose to tell you - no intuition from body language, no context, just words and photos that, although they can tell you much, they aren't the whole story

so meeting up is a true leap of faith and trust

I'm so glad we both took that leap!

Sherry is every bit as delightful in person as she is on her blog and within minutes the online Sherry and the person merged together, and she was a true friend

we talked

we talked of new things, we had extensions of conversations we have had back and forth through email, and I was able to see in person, the places and things she has written of over the years

Sherry's book
we even got down to brass tacks in her studio and I shared what I know of book binding and Sherry made a book of her own

 I love the fabric she ended up using 
( this isn't the first one she chose -  I loved that one so much she gave it to me!)

I showed her how to make the covers and the signatures 
(I brought special papers to share with her, and she shared some of her special ones right back)

we had such a special, wonderful morning in her studio - one I will never forget as we shared stories, laughter, creativity and knowledge, and it was easy
Sherry is one of the most creative, caring and sharing people I have ever met and it was such a joy to be able to spend time with her
lucky, lucky me

but the story doesn't end there....

it's one thing for us bloggers to connect on line, share stories and ideas, hopes and ideals, and want to cement an online friendship with a meeting in person...

it's an entirely different thing when we involve our husbands!

when I first spun the idea of stopping there by Marc he was willing, surprised a little, but willing all the same
he did ask what I thought he would do while we were there
I believe he said something along the lines of "So will I just hang out with her husband, is that how it works? Or should I take a book?"

I told him he could bring a book if he wanted, but that I had a vague recollection of a blog post Sherry did sometime ago about Mr. C and his talents with automobiles.... and that they just might have something in common...and they did!

so much so in fact, that I never saw hide nor hair of him after dinner, or the next morning

Mr. C not only showed him the ins and outs of his garage and what he does, but the next morning, took him on a tour that began with breakfast with about 18-20 car enthusiasts, and continued on with visits to a few of their garages and workshops.

all he could say, over and over, for days was "wow!"
  he was amazed by the generosity of spirit that Mr. C showed him in sharing all of the above, including a ride around in his special car

and so we both have special memories of a wonderful thing that happened when two bloggers took a chance on each other

 the visit didn't end with us thinking that if they ever came our way we would love to welcome them as well, but that we dearly hope they will come our way someday...

thank you so much Sherry and Mr. C!