Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Remains of the Day

 and so we came home

we weren't ready to leave but we were ready to be back... does that even make sense?

I am always excited to hit the open road, map at my side and anticipation at every turn, but at some point or another your mind starts turning to home and you know you must make your way back, both physically and mentally



 flying is definitely convenient and quick (usually!), but in my life, I wish it was only for business or emergencies

I love that driving lets you and your mind move along at the same pace, in tandem, so that when you get where you're going, you are ready to be there

when I am on holiday, I need that transition, and a two day drive is best

one day to leave where I've been and the next day to get where I'm going

it was a wonderful time, we had....

there was a wedding to celebrate, along with days and days of family joy, and the meeting of a special blogging friend...
(stories and pictures to come!)

for now, it's back to the daily busyness, and while I am putting things to right, I am still pondering some of the many wonderful experiences we had,
trying to capture and hold them

and to aid me in that effort, I signed up for my annual, requisite summer e-course
(there is nothing quite like summer school!)

this year, the obvious choice was 

"The Remains of the Day"

 this journal class is perfect for me now,  in so many ways... the name evokes the ideal, the methodology fits my creative desires to use up what I already have, and the result will be the culmination of a most wonderful time

"gather thy rosebuds while thee may"


Sunday, June 10, 2012

The City of Love

The Mr. and I are heading off for a little vacation

off to San Francisco
to visit family and share in the joy of a wedding
 in the City of Love
first of all the nieces and nephews
so excited!

so I am going to be absent for a bit

I'm looking forward to this little vacation - I'm in serious need of a change of scenery
major thinking to be done
and my head is already aching from the thought of it

I was reading an article the other day and had one of those lightening bolt moments

sometimes I hate them because they usually indicate a whole lot of pondering is coming my way, and I just did not have time for that kind of thing this week!

but there it was, a word that seemed to define the past few years of me and my two jobs


sometimes it's a good word, but that day, the day I read it in the article, it wasn't a good word at all

it had all sorts of darkness to it, as if it was typed in bold face, with that dark shading words sometimes have, and I could feel the weight of it settling on me, regardless of whether I wanted to think about it or not

and I realized it has been a defining thing in how I spend my days, and what I do with my time, and I don't even know why

so while we're zipping along those beautiful by-ways, I'll be thinking simple thoughts about what obligations I should be holding on to and what ones should be let go of

and maybe by the time we get there I'll be ready to wear some flowers in my hair

Monday, June 4, 2012

walk softly

a present arrived the other day


all tied up with a pretty bow

 presents from Dorthe of Den Lille Lade
Dorthe and I have long sent little gifts back and forth across the pond, but I wasn't expecting what arrived in my mailbox the other day, and was delivered straight to my heart

this charming angel, simply dressed with quiet grace,
cradling a beautiful heart in her arms

 specially crafted in Dorthe's unique style
 the lace is perfect, with nothing to detract from it's graceful beauty - no frills, flounces or frippery

and the sweetest little brown boots, laced from top to bottom

she's lovely in shades of brown, tan and cream

heavenly delight!

as I was oohing and aahing I couldn't help but notice how it was the absence of embellishment that enhanced her.`

it's easy enough to add pretty, sparkly things - they can take a creation that borders on boredom and make it scrumptious

and it's refreshing to discover something that hasn't been mussed and fussed with 
to the point of distraction.

Dorthe's angel embodies that for me; each time I look at her I marvel at it - 
she walks softly on my heart

simple: free from guile, free from vanity, free from ostentation

simple is my word for June

(Dorthe also sent one of her driftwood collages but I'll save that for another post) 


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wibbly, Wobbly, Woo

See my little heart buttons below?

wibbly, wobbly, woo is what came to mind as I uploaded and enlarged this picture...

they're all just kind of going their own way

and this is my April heart... supposed to about


now do you see? 

even when I try, I just can't get it completely right - always slightly off kilter

almost right, with a nudge and a push...

perhaps that's a lesson in itself... being perfectly organized is something to strive for but you really must allow for little discrepancies,

that being slightly off kilter is not a bad thing

I'll tell myself that...

purple and brown is my new favourite colour combination

spell check just had a conniption with colour and favourite

do you "u" or don't you?

I have to say if you don't, your words just don't look quite right to me

and spell check always makes "voila" become "viola"

that's my my new pet peeve - spell check is annoying
I'd rather get your honestly misspelled word than a computer's idea of what you might really mean....

you'll have to excuse this post...

I just had a weird day at work and two glasses of wine so perhaps I'm a little wibbly, wobbly, woo too!