Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Words for Thought

I received a splendid gift from a kindred spirit this holiday season;
this beautiful crazy quilted needle book, and what a treasure it is 

beautifully monogrammed on the front with my initial; meticulous stitching with charming bits and pieces of old linens and lace

the back cover as lovely as the front

inside, pretty pink wool felt for the needles and a beautiful pin for decoration

I am going to enjoy using this every single day!
as we opened our gifts, sipping tea and exclaiming over every little thing, we got to chatting about my recent post on words for the New Year... trying to articulate what I am hoping to gain from my desire to focus on one word each month and really explore the layers of meaning to be found within it through art and writings

and she shared with me her word for the New Year, to be focused on for the entire twelve months, again through art and writing, but with a wonderful twist...

her word is "Gratitude" and each month she will place a different adjective with it, for example "Joyful Gratitude" and so on... I think it's brilliant...

I am so excited for the New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Last week I decided I needed a change - tired of fabric, tired of sewing...
a quilting overload in the past few months, and while I do love it, I need a break

we have a gift exchange at work and our gifts are always handmade and while we usually have a special evening in January when the dust has settled, this year the decision was made to have it in December


no time to do what I had in my mind since the summer so I went to Plan B

 Plan B started with a project in Christy's 12 Artsy Ornaments for Christmas but evolved a little, from using book paper to using fabric... and from something small to something much bigger

I was up to my elbows in paper, paint and glue making the backgrounds and then decided to cut green fabric into thin little strips, tie knots an inch apart and then cut them. The little knots of fabric with small tails at each end were glued to the tree shape I had glued onto my completed background - so cute!
Burlap for the trunk, some doodles etc. and they were done.

Into a box with a small bottle of beautiful sparkling white wine, some home-made cookies and rum sauce and they were ready for the party!

Not having had a haircut in five months, I was another story....

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Reckoning

I remember that line, or at least, that portion of a line, from Tombstone. The movie about Wyatt Earp starring Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott and Bill Paxton. 
Men in long black coats. 
big guns... 
but I digress...

A reckoning... a time to answer for what you've done and what you've not done...

remember last year when all over blog-land we were all choosing words?

words to inspire, to remind, words to live by?
I had one - Content

"Cheers" looks better to me now though....
  but thankfully most days were happy days

however content I've not been

i feel like i lost my way

forgot who i am

and last night I knew I had to figure it out

and in the quiet darkness between dusk and dawn an idea came, slowly at first, but as I thought about it and "knew" the rightness of it, it burst forth and unfurled like a flower of the desert after the one rainstorm of the year...

one word for one whole year is too limiting... I need action... snap, snap, snap
and so I will choose one word each month and then explore it in paint, and paper and fabric and words

really think on it
both what it does mean, and what it could mean
maybe even what it should mean....

words where the meaning seems clear,
but then we find a murky overlay

i love the idea of this - the concentration of it, and have been mulling over all sorts of possibilities

the words that are coming to mind are a little odd though, even for me


but oh, the possibilities

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Special Project

In recent years my son has taken up a new sport - Triathlon.
I remember the day he told me he had entered into the Salmon Arm "Beat the Train Triathlon"....

I looked up at him (waaayyy up), frowned and said,

"You can run?"

Well, apparently he can. And very well, might I add.
The long story short is that thanks to winning 1st place in his age group at the Alberta Provincials this past July, he has been invited to represent Canada at the World Triathlon Race in New Zealand in October 2012.
So proud, but now we have to get him there....

his sister, who has dreams of her own that involve cookies and a bakery, decided to make cookies for my Sale and donate the proceeds to getting him there....
and did she bake!

 36 dozen cookies, and may I say, the most beautifully packaged cookies ever!
 (no one could say enough about how fabulous they looked, until they got to taste them that is... buttery, deliciousness in every bite...)

and these chocolate-covered orange-flavoured pretzels were a huge hit

 with a ten pound bag of flour, a dozen pounds of butter and mountains of chocolate, nuts and cranberries, she raised over $300.00 toward his trip!

And me? Well, aren't I just the proudest MamaBear ever?