Sunday, October 20, 2013

salisbury (not steak)

yep, you read that right

we went to salisbury, the place
it wasn't on the itinerary but we went anyway... as the days ran out on us and we treasured each more, the itinerary went out the window and we made it up as we went, from the heart...

the salisbury cathedral has the tallest spire in england, reaching high above the city-scape, gilding this beautiful building that was begun in 1220 a.d.

 many beautiful statues of all different sizes adorn the outer walls

and an imposing entryway

 the view from the side

salisbury was a highlight of our trip

there's a fabulous fabric/needlework shop there too you know

and we had the very best fish and chips and mushy peas of the whole trip in salisbury

marc enjoyed afternoon tea for two, and proved it can be for one 
(minus two very small pieces of delicious cake that i helped myself to!)

when we chose to go to salisbury it was primarily because of it's proximity to several museums of interest... but getting to them without a car proved to be "difficult" and so, in the end, we decided to go to stonehenge...

 out on the salisbury plain, on a gentle knoll, stand these stones

it was never on our list to come to them - too touristy, i think, was our feeling - i hate anything that requires jostling with the cast of thousands for my little piece of real estate in order to take in something special

but, we went

when you walk up the path from the visitor centre, the first view is somewhat unimpressive... to be truthful, it was the first time on our trip that i saw something that disappointed... they looked a bit of a jumble, and not really all that big...

 they're roped off, so you are kept well back of them - too many daft idiots trying to chip off a souvenir, it seems

but there is a pathway that leads you all around it, with benches here and there, and as we had paid dearly to see it, we began to walk around

 we walked along, trying to keep to ourselves, fighting the eternal wind, and every so often, turning our heads to look at the stones

and as we walked, the stones gained in significance and the people disappeared  

 and the remnants of the ancient circle slowly took shape

 with each step, the stones seemed to grow in size

 and as we came full circle on the path, so too did the stones and the iconic vista

the crows taunted me, this one especially

he flitted from stone, to stone and would sometimes sit for a while, calling out to us

"na-na, na-na, na, na"

it was easy to ignore them though - easy to ignore everything really, and slide into the wonderment of why, of how, and of whom

and then i was so glad we went... so very, very glad

from there we went to old sarum, the older settlement, high on the hill, over-looking the salisbury of today

old sarum was built 200 years prior, and when the decision was made to build a new cathedral down in the valley, the stone from the old was used... today, only the footings of old sarum remain, laying out the design of a castle and a cathedral that once carried great significance, built by william the conqueror...

it's so hard to find perspective when talking about not just hundreds of years ago, but whole centuries gone by

we just don't have that history here

but there is something so comforting about it, to know that in this world full of doom and gloom and war and squabbling, that life goes on

 we're home now, safe and sound

a little jet-lagged but i don't mind so much - for now, it's a tangible reminder i was somewhere

with yard-work, and house-work and work-work all crowding in i know i'll be back to normal in no time

i have many more posts i still want to do about our trip, many more things to tell you - if you aren't too bored with it yet

 i want to post more often... the dilemma is, i won't be able to respond to your comments very well
(i know, i know, not like i do now, but i do try!)
so if you don't mind, then i'll give it a go

in the next few days i hope to get around to all of you that have blogs and see what you yourself have been up to these past five weeks, and enjoy reading your stories

and then tell you a few more of my own...


Karen B. said...

Hi Jillayne,

isn't it beautiful there? I used to live just down the road from there for 4 years before we returned to Canada! Such a lovely place to be. I am hoping to visit there soon again.
Many hugs
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

deanna7trees said...

oh Stonehenge...magnificent. your telling made me feel like i was there. glad to hear your home safe and sound. you were a wonderful tour guide in pictures. so enjoy your posts and don't expect a reply.

Julie Ferguson said...

It has been wonderful seeing our country through your eyes ! We tend to be a bit blase about all the history and culture which surrounds us, so seeing it all through an appreciative visitor's eyes gives one a whole new perspective. I am so glad that you were able to come and visit all those places on your list ( and some that weren't !!).. you must be shattered !xx

Marj Talbot said...

I could read these stories and see the pictures forever. I also don't need a reply - just enjoy the posts.
Can you imagine how those huge rocks got lifted up??? And all the statues - such talent.

Suztats said...

I am so enjoying your posts, Jillayne, to read your thoughts and feelings about the different places you've seen and visited: and almost make myself believe I have been there, too!
The majesty and history of these places-- the architecture--a sense of wonder-- thank you.

karen said...

well, well, future son in law is from Salisbury!! It produces men worthy of my daughter so it must be good. It really is a magical place, so very pleased you enjoyed it.

FredaB said...

It is always good to come home. I have so enjoyed your trip and beautiful photos.

Take your time getting back into things and I certainly do not need a reply to comments.


Createology said...

Yes, Please tell me more of your wonderful trip. Welcome home and glad you made it safely. I love your stories as you tell them. Makes me want to visit and see for myself. No, we will never have such amazing old relics because here in America we tear everything down as soon as we build it. Warm Hugs Dear...

Mosaic Magpie said...

Please tell us more! You need not worry about responding to all of us! I love seeing all the stone work...and thinking of the hours put into each one and we complain if something takes a day or 2 to complete!
Glad you are home safe and I am hungry for Salisbury Steak......

Diane Kelsey said...

So many inspirational photos for future projects. All those cakes, check out recipes online by Mary Berry and Dehlia Smith.