Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lazy Beast

Fresh bottle of wine, new attitude.

Me that is, not Bozzy!

Photoshop is a truly humbling experience, but then so is this cat...

He is so daft, as soon as he hears the door to the stove open he comes running. And if his pillow isn't already parked in front of it, he'll sit in the spot and stare at you until you fetch it.

About a half hour after this picture was taken he was sprawled out, head off the pillow on one end, legs and tail dragging on the floor at the other - methinks yet another, larger pillow is in order.

It took about three days and thirty tries to get this edited, texted, re sized and saved. It wouldn't upload to the blog, so I fiddled and saved some more. I saved it under so many different names: Bozzy 1, Bozzy 2, Boz 1, B 1, (you can see an abbreviated pattern developing) and so on, and so on... and the one that worked?



Shirley said...

Your fire in stove looks so inviting. It reminds me of my childhood days when we heated the house with wood stoves. We didn't know of any other kind of stove. I can remember my mother cooking on one. Your cat looks like he is really enjoying himself. Have a great day.

Marj Talbot said...

I think you could forget it.
Boz will "hang" off any size pillow - that's what they do right? That's what my little MOlly does.
Look on the bright side - if this took 3 days, the next one will only take one or less. Good job!!!

Becca said...

That is so cute! Fetzer loves his pillow by the fire too, then if he gets too hot, he'll lazily walk over to the floor and flop over, then it's back to the fire again...oh the life! Looks like you are doing great with PS! It was my hubby that had to show me to save it to jpeg so I could put it on my blog! Hey! I think I just made my first crazy quilt patch tonight! I came over to your blog for more inspiration! :-)

Laura said...

Sometimes I am going to have to come visit your fireplace... even if you and Dad aren't home. I just love it so much!

Dorthe said...

Cats are the most clever "human being" in the art of relaxing- and ofcourse in front of the fireplace--where else,lol
So wonderfull dear Jillayne-
I wish you a great day.

Tamatha said...

What a cozy picture and a smart cat! We have a kitten that loves to lay right on the heat register.

Maggie said...

What an invite...if I were a cat I would pull up a pillow in front of that fire also. My cat Casey has a few places in our house but also has a pillow in front of our fireplace. He seems to find anything that I have made like cushions that I have spent hours hand applique, a quilt that is at the end of the bed.......so my hand roller to pick up hair is used daily....but Oh!!! well, at least I know he appreciates the things that I make....Right!!!
As usual always enjoy your blog.