Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bozzy Gets A Brand New Bed

Years ago I saw a magazine article on recovering old suitcases with tapestry fabric. Two days later I found just the right suitcase at an antique store. I brought it home and laid different fabrics in it to see what would coordinate with the interior and as soon as my back was turned, Bozzy the cat jumped in, curled up and pronounced it his. It has been his ever since!

I noticed lately he didn't sleep in it as much; it seems in his old age it isn't big enough to really stretch out in.

Last week I found a bigger suitcase at our local antique store - it has a grey exterior (which I quite like) and a claret interior (which beautifully sets off Boz's hair). I brought it home, put his favourite blanket in it, and in he went and promptly curled up.

Today I found some flannel fabric that would look alright (for those of you following my fabric reduction program this took up 1.5 metres) and made a pillow insert.

Bozzy isn't sure about it so he wouldn't stay in long enough to get a picture but I am hoping a little catnip will do the trick.

I also spent some time today reading up on photography tips and I practiced on my fabric tag - I think this is a better photo than the one in my previous post!

Now I'm off to wash the patio - the streets have finally been swept and I think there is a chance it may stay clean for a day or too!

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paperbird said...

I love this idea and your cat is so cute. Thank you so much for the instructions- you are so sweet.