Friday, November 16, 2018

same old, same old?

seems like i've been doing the same thing for a while now...

bits and scraps of fabric, cobbled together into a patchwork of sorts, then embroidery added here and there for a little visual texture

coasters in the making

don't ask me why but for some reason or other a few months ago i decided that coasters were just the thing for the upcoming local spinner's & weaver's guild christmas sale

and now that i'm well on my way to making more than thirty  of them, i hope i'm right

i suppose it was because they're useful... and also because they're small and don't take much time or materials... also maybe because they're unique

addicts can always justify their addiction can't they?

what i really like about them is how useful they are for playing about with colour and texture

endless variations of layout

endless variations of stitch

each one scratches an itch

my latest foray has me playing with traditional quilt block patterns

still done in a free-form way, cutting with scissors, no measuring, over-lapped raw edges

whip-stitching holds everything in place

this one, in the log cabin pattern, is a particular favourite

though stray threads abound, thanks to all those raw edges!

it's amazing to me how the smallest of pieces add the biggest impact

with all this patching and piecing of bits and scraps, I just couldn't resist one more idea...

a little rag-tag snowman

patched and mended he is, and his hat and scarf too

so, so much fun to make this scarf

and of course, now i want one of my own

would that be too weird, do you think?

i'm tempted...

there is a real benefit from immersing yourself in a particular style of work or technique

you get a lot of ideas out of your system, though quite often you end up just replacing them with more

i am grateful though, when I try something new and realize it's not for me - than can be quite gratifying, not to mention a big relief

but this business of working with bits of fabric and thread in a haphazard way has as much appeal to me now as ever and i see no end in sight - modifications maybe, an evolution in style or technique, surely, but i see no end in sight...


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

These coasters are all wonderful, and make me want to get creating. My favorite is #3. ;-)

Happy November ~ FlowerLady

gracie said...

Absolutely love these projects. And that snowmsn!

Elizabeth said...

These toasters are absolutely lovely and very useful. And if you at one point feel you want to make something else you can always give lavender sachets a go ... :-)) .... Enjoy your weekend!

BTW .. Totally adore your snowman!

Nancy K. said...

I have been wanting to do something very similar to these, although I want to create a journal, in material versus paper and paint. These are beautiful.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

My sweet friend I think it's time you moved onto clothing. Collars and pockets, plackets and yokes, bottoms of tops, shirts all finished with your lovely piecing and embroidery. I imagine that they would be exquisite. Can you see it? Is that something you might take a shine to? I love all your fiddling and stitching and I imagine you sitting and stitching while your mind travels down a variety of roads as you work.

Keep at it, it is soothing and growing your soul.

Rachel said...

Love your little snowman, and the coasters are, as you say, wonderful ways to enjoy small fragments in a new setting.

Marj Talbot said...

I never get enough of seeing all the lovely stitches you do. The coasters are wonderful and very useful. Patience is definitely one of your virtues.
The snowman is so adorable. I could see one sitting in my living room. lol
Thank you so much for sharing this lovely work.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'd be willing to bet your coasters will be a huge hit at the sale - I know I'd be drooling all over them. And such an amazing wee snowman. Not sure which I like better him, his hat or his scarf! And yes, make one in 'you-size' for sure!