Monday, July 16, 2018

easy breezy days of summer?

summer is always such a busy time here in the shuswap 

and this year has been no exception

and the busiest time of all for me is always the first two weeks of july when the cherry trees in our yard are ready for picking

at first i'm excited but as the heat and the work wear on I get pretty tired of it

and I get pretty tired of missing my stitching...

my newest love is really an old love that has now found a purpose

you all know how much I love little bits of fabric, especially when they're stitched in place with little bits of thread

and a fancy stitch or two

a couple of weeks ago, whilst casting about for ideas for something small, original and varied to make and sell at my spinner's and weaver's guild annual sale, I hit upon this idea...


the one on the left was my first and though I loved it, it was a bit softer in feel than I wanted - coasters should have some sturdiness to them

the one on the right is the result of a little tweaking with the filling materials and has a lovely solid feel to it, without being stiff - perfection

I lay out the main base pieces first, secure them with over-stitching and then add interest with patches and decorative embroidery

the cloth dictates the style

they're kind of a cross between kantha and boro

a hybrid I suppose, but with a twist

layers of cloth, layers of stitch

i love the scope for variety - each one unique

my plan is to sell them in sets of two...

they are the perfect vehicle for playing with various combinations of colour, pattern, different embroidery stitches, different threads

 working up fairly quickly
{unless i get carried away, which happened here with these cross-stitches - i just kept adding more and more}

perfect summer stitching - easy to pick up and put down, never losing your place, just stitching one section at a time

easy breezy summer fun 


Bernapatch said...

J'adore ! Bravo pour cette jolie idée!

lynn said...

these are perfect..i love them both..but the cross stitch one is my picked perfect colors sure they will be a hit at the sale

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

These are so sweet and I think they'll be a seller for sure.

Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

Jillayne said...

I'm not receiving email notifications of comments left here so leaving one here to try a work around.

Monica said...

I adore them!! So very beautiful... and useful!! My kind of things :)And the colors are just perfect. They would be the perfect addition to any picnic! :)(I so enjoy using the quilt you made for me... I use it almost daily to sit down on the grass or on a bench, picnic table, etc).

Sending love and lots of hugs!

Enjoy your sticthing!
Monica xoxo

Rachel said...

That's lovely. !

Createology said...

You have created lovely coasters for your annual sale. Every bit of cloth and every stitched thread is harmonious to one another. Simply Stunning Dear...<3

Karen Ruane said...

stunning much detail on such a small piece. You will have to let us know how long it takes to sell them all. I am guessing around 30 seconds. I love them. x

Christine B said...

These are such a lovely idea and so portable to do. As ever your colour pallet is sublime... smokey and gentle... and the addition of the stitches add so much character to each one. They are going to sell like hot cakes. Be sure to keep a set for yourself though!

susan hemann said...

they are wonderful! love all the tiny stitches and the textures

Marj Talbot said...

Being fortunate to see them and feel them, I can't say enough. The fabrics and stitches are beyond beautiful, so soft and yet sturdy, these would add to any sitting room on fine furniture.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful stitchery. Never tire of seeing it!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

These should sell so fast! I know I'd love them (although, quite truthfully, I doubt that I would actually USE them for yucky old coffee and tea cups that are bound to dribble). I'd set something on them, but definitely not anything that could stain!!

Anonymous said...

Can I preorder a set for Geoff's parents for Christmas? Pretty please.