Sunday, June 24, 2018

without a plan...

every once in a while I have an urge to stitch pieces of cloth together...

well, duh, you might say

what I really mean is that every once in a while I have an urge to stitch pieces of cloth together without a plan - just a strong desire to see what this and that might look like if I join them together with stitch 

sometimes, that's where it all ends and the joined pieces can languish about for a long time, until... a day comes when I have an urge to embroider on cloth

a few years ago I gathered together scraps of linen, coarsely woven cottons, bits of embroidered doilies and towels, and using one of my english diapers as a base, 
{it was bought a few years ago whilst on vacation in the uk,  in a desperate desire for lightweight muslin but not finding any yardage!}
I joined them together to make a table mat about 13" x 21"

then I lost steam as I had no plan for what would come next

I did a little kantha stitching on it over the years but realized pretty quickly that I didn't want that for the entire surface... so eventually, back into the pile it went

late last fall, I got it out again to see how it might look if I used linear embroidery stitches like herringbone and feather stitch as filling stitchings, working them in rows across the surface of various patches

it was love at first stitch

about that time i decided the cloth wasn't patchy enough, and far too beigey-grey, so I added a few scraps of blue-grey here and there

the bit below is my favourite place on the cloth - a faint blue and grey striped fabric with pale chain stitches, stitched in pairs, resembling leaves

other stitching commitments caused me to set the cloth aside yet again but the other day, whilst looking for something else, I happened upon it again...

and began to surround one of the added patches with tiny cross-stitches... love, love, love this look

practicing seed stitch with a variegated thread

another patch of blue

varying textures

a heart cut out for some long-forgotten, long-gone project left this behind

 like an echo, don't you think?

I like that idea...

cretan stitch in blue minor 
{aka "pale"}

I take out almost as many stitches as I put in - it's always a struggle to get the reality of the piece to take the shape of what I see in my mind's eye, but I am gaining ground 

and though I still have no straight path forward, I am loving doing what I know to be right at the moment

this is one where the journey is the goal 

the finished cloth?

well, that's the bonus