Wednesday, May 9, 2018

the world is indeed full of magical things...

I was listening to something the other day that made me think of growth, especially plant growth, and thinking about how my two favourite fabrics, linen and cotton, are a product of sun and water

how amazing, how magical, is that?
from a tiny seed, can come a bolt of cloth, a skein of thread

more than ever I want to learn how that's done - I've found a workshop in the uk where you can do that with linen... a five day workshop where you go from plant to cloth, working the fibres, spinning the thread and weaving the cloth

it's on my wish list...

another magical thing is the book "out of fashion, the new fashion" 
a photo journey of textile magic

I think it's my most favourite book of all, even surpassing "the godfather" which has held that spot for decades

this "brick" of a book even comes with an overlay of muslin which I have been happily adding fabric and stitch too

making it mine

it sits by the bed and every night I open it up at random and sink into visual heaven...

so completely inspirational - I can never decide which it makes me want to do more of: travel, or stitch

maybe travel with a needle in hand...

at any rate, it has me looking at old work with new eyes 

today I reacquainted myself with my christian lacroix artist book

sorting through all the bits and pieces I started a while back, poring over images, fondling cloth, drawing sparkling thread through my fingers

letting colour and pattern wash over me again

and of course, there's always the magic of white

I've been learning to create new surfaces, some more solid than others

below is the latest adventure with karen ruane

a variety of machine stitched surfaces ripe for hand embroidery

this is my first, a base layer of paper and scrim with an open-work overlay

below is with the overlay folded back

 I've just started the hand-stitching; I can see many happy hours ahead with this one 

it's so light and ethereal and I don't want to wreck that

and finally, making magic with art paper and fabric snippets, stuck in place with gesso

dry now, waiting for the next step

which has been waiting on me getting an idea for what that could be

same old, same old - go so far, pause

I made extra so I can experiment and, then just as I was uploading the image, one thought occurred to me - tomorrow I'll try it out

fingers are crossed that my sewing machine has a little more magic in it too


Createology said...

My Dear you fill this world with Magical things you create. I am sew in awe of everything you stitch, read, gesso or touch. You have a Magical Ethereal way with fabrics, papers and threads. Five days immersion in Linen...amazing! So happy to see you post and share your visions...Creative Bliss Sweet Jillayne...xo

Rachel said...

Gorgeous! I hope you get to do your "travelling with needle in hand"!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Everything you create has a magical quality about it. You are an inspiration.

I hope you get to take that wonderful class, it sounds so interesting.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Monica said...

"I can never decide which it makes me want to do more of: travel, or stitch

maybe travel with a needle in hand..."

This SO reminds me of our adventures in the British charity shops to find buttons and clothes to cut... and you got that man's shirt and that tiny bag of buttons! :)

Such glorious time, such heartwarming memories...


Wendy said...

whatever you decide to create, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Where was this amazing class you found in the UK? I like the idea of it!

Ancient Wanderer said...

Wonderfully beautiful. Your work takes my breath away. ---an aside, is it possible mention christian lacroix without thinking of AbFab? Makes me laugh every time.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I don't suppose I've ever told you this but....the reason my comments often come later than most is because when I see a post from you in my feed, I save it. I wait until I have time to look at your creations, absorb them...and soak up your words that accompany them. Yes, I're going to tell me I need to get a life!! However, I must add that I am never disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Where is this workshop and when are we going?!

Marj Talbot said...

Beautiful as always. Magical indeed.