Wednesday, November 29, 2017

cobbled cloth

ever since i embraced piecing fabrics together without a traditional seam i have been stitching together the tiniest scraps to make larger pieces of cloth 

it's bordering on a addiction now which is fun but also frustrating as i work with pieces that are sometimes no bigger than 1/2 inch square

they do wriggle and squiggle around

but they also create wonderfully unique pieces of cloth that i can use as they are, cut up, or in this case, handquilt

and for a purist, this is indeed three layers, held together by stitch

the top layer is all the snippety-bits which are carefully stitched together on a base of the lightest muslin 
once that is done the cloth is placed on a square of soft, spongy flannelette and then i hand-quilt it

a beautiful unique base for all sorts of interesting things
(which i haven't made yet!)

i've been distracted with card-making again

 here i've taken a fragment of paper and cloth, tacked it on to a piece of hand-made paper, added beads and french knots
as well as a few other stitches

mounted on a card blank, it becomes a small piece of art in it's own right

a few other designs i've been playing with... the heart below is adapted from a design put out by quilt mania a few years ago during one of their christmas advent projects available online

the stocking is of my own design

a simple appliqued stocking, a few french knots and felt holly leaves combined with scattered seed stitching

below you can see two designs from a process i'm developing at the moment

i'm playing about with gesso and matte medium, brushing them on linen, sketching with a permanent marker and then painting with watercolours
 finally, a little hand embroidery to add texture and interest

thrilled with the results, now conjuring up more designs... it never ends...

 maybe i'll try throwing a little applique into the mix?

and now back to cobbled cloth again... this time purpose-built to be backgrounds for collage-style cards

 i have two bases on the go, on one i'd like to do a tree, on the other i'm thinking about a deer

seems deer are everywhere in the design world though so i'm letting my thoughts on that one percolate for a bit whilst i finish up a few other things that have been lying around a little too long...

 the flotsam and jetsam of an inspired mind and fingers that can't keep up!


gracie said...

Your work is so beautiful and inspiring. I love visiting your blog.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Oh my goodness you are busy <3

Wendy said...

oh wow, the cards are beautiful! I love your new technique on the linen, you are so talented. it seems I'd lost your blog. You left a comment on mine and I realised I hadn't read a post by you for ages. It seems that Feedly randomly deletes blogs from my reader!

Rachel said...

I do like what you're doing here - and I can see that the paper and lace thing could be distracting!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Fingers that can't keep up - oh so true! There are never enough hours in the day to even put a smallish dent in the things I want to do or try. I love your cobbled together bits of wonder - lucky indeed the recipients of your cards!

Marj Talbot said...

I love the stocking and heart cards.
The paper and fabric combinations are stunning.
Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts.
To you and your followers - Merry Christmas and lots of happy creating in 2018.

Createology said...

Jillayne your busy fingers continue to create magic! Every snippet and bit and piece is insignificant on is own yet together they are exquisite. Your cards are unique and special. Merry Christmas Blessings Sweet Jillayne...XO

Karen Ruane said...

beautiful work Jillayne and you always take such amazing pictures....
In case we don't speak again I wish you all the happiest Christmas!! xx

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

So beautiful girlfriend! I love the piece of cloth you made from stitching all those bits together.
Thinking about you as I hung some of your gorgeous pieces on my tree. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!
Hugs and friends always,