Saturday, June 11, 2016


really, that should read "finished"...

i made a little "art quilt" to display in the quilt show held last weekend by our local guild

but as there are things i added to make it look "complete" which i know i'll remove and re-work, "continuing" might be the better choice after all

i love that about pieces like this - they never have to be 'finished'

you saw some elements of this work a few posts back... pieces of silk and such

I basted, tacked, and stitched the silk background together using a very fine thread and tiny invisible stitches, a cotton diaper bought in the uk a few years ago is a supporting base

the only things i knew for sure when i began this piece were: there would be paper, and there would be queen anne's lace

if i was ever hard-pressed to pick a favourite flower this would be it

a very rough sketch

transferred to tracing paper, pinned in place

the design stitched with a very fine back-stitch and then the tracing paper torn away

some lace i made, some vintage
{since this photograph was taken another flower was added - i'll  show that in my next post}

much of the silk had subtle patterning, which was a perfect opportunity to add stitch detail

chain stitch to emphasize stems

fly stitch to bring forward "ghost" leaves

quilting stitches to lift surface design and add texture

the plant stems were stitched in a staccato-style - short, choppy stitches, layering different colours of thread, a single strand at at a time

trying for a "sketchy" look

plants printed on paper using water, steam and pressure, indentations providing stitching lines, the plants themselves giving colour

stitching these was a huge challenge - what to leave alone, how to add without taking away

creating fanciful flowers of my own

working with nature at a truly wonderful level

when i stitched these i felt like i only wanted to stitch on paper, ever again...

i got to this point, what you see below, and then had to step back to consider

as always, i learnt a lot from doing this, much of which i plan to take forward with me to other projects

i still can't decide if the paper is my favourite thing about this, or the transparent effect of the embroidered flowers - that I really want to pursue, learning better how to achieve it whilst maintaining a focal point - tricksy stuff

so now the show is over, my guild presidency is also finished, teaching is done... it's summer vacation alright

i feel like i've been away this whole year, my poor sad blog suffering from massive neglect and blogging friends who haven't heard from me in ages 
it's my hope to be able to return to posting here a couple of times each week as i've very much missed this - my way of "thinking out loud"

i have so many new ideas, things i want to try, stitching experiments, new directions to travel in... summer is such a great time for creative explorations

there's an easy freedom in the air and a needle in my hand


Rachel said...

Well, it looks intriguing, and sounds even better. Clearly the stitching was a lovely experience!

Marj Talbot said...

Oh my - this is gorgeous. I can't get enough of your creative stitching. Not to mention reading your posts. It's a great way to start my day - an inspiring start.
I look forward to each and every post but realize the time it takes to prepare. I thank you personally for that and hope your summer is a new experience.
Happy stitching.

Suztats said...

I love the layering, the soft touches of thread, and the colours in your little quilt. Happy summer!

Anonymous said...

Happy Summer Vacation!! You've more than earned it! I can't wait to see the quilt next time I'm over. Your little teaser shots have me curious to see the whole thing laid out...

Dorthe said...

Your stitching is fabulous Jillayne, dear, I so love what you have done with the papers, the stitches are so beautiful, and so with the steam, too-very different, but with each their own beauty.
Your finished work will be stunning .
Wishing you a wonderful summer, and vacation.

gracie said...

Absolutely beautiful...what a love way to make the flowers. I will have to remember that.

Createology said...

You have achieved a stunning original piece of stitching bliss. You should feel very proud of your Guild Presidency and the many things you must have shared with and taught them. This piece is very intriguing and I can see how you want to pursue more. Paper is amazing in its strength to accept needle and thread. Fabrics are a natural for needle and threads. I look forward to your Summer Vacation Adventures Dear...

Magpie's Mumblings said...

So cool!!!! I must say that Queen Anne's lace is always a flower I'm amazed by - all those little intricate florets that make up the whole. Enjoy your summer holiday (and, btw, your final sentence should be a lyric for a song).

Karen Ruane said...

stunning, completely stunning and the images are such a feast for the eyes Jillayne....

FredaB said...

The theme running through this post is,in my estimation, Enjoyment).
I think you really enjoyed working on this piece and it shows. Good for you.