Monday, April 4, 2016

button up

ever since i was very small i've loved buttons...

my mom had a wooden box filled with them - beautiful sparkly "diamond" buttons, pearly white ones, plain ones, pretty ones, not-so pretty ones

on rainy days we four kids would dump it carefully onto the kitchen table and one would draw their finger through the shimmering pile, first down the middle, dividing it in half, and then cross-wise, through the centre again

we'd pick our piles and then the sorting would again, looking for favourites, looking to see who got the "diamond"button

no wonder then that i love to make them

first i made snippet lace, a wonderful technique i learned in classes over at karen ruane's site, "contemporary embroidery"

attaching one piece to some lovely crinkled silk, the other to rustic linen

lines basted, embroidery next

little ribbon roses, tiny french knots

clustered here and there

a buckle for a form

and then two little buttons!

 the round white one is made on the usual snap-form available in many sizes in general sewing stores

no plan for these pretties - i made them not to put on something specific... simply because i wanted to

someday they'll find their way onto a project or two but in the meanwhile i'll just enjoy looking at them

and you can bet i'll be keeping my eyes open for other unusual ideas for button forms...


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Very pretty and so dainty.

I am always inspired when I visit here.

Enjoy your week and happy creating ~ FlowerLady

Karen B. said...

Oh Jillayne,
your buttons are to die for! I love the ones with the tiny roses so much! Would you make any of these for sale ever, because I am no. 1 on the waiting list!
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Marj Talbot said...

Great job on the buttons and especially like the idea of using a buckle for a form. Not sure the size of these but maybe would dress up a spring hat???

gracie said...

Lovely work. I did visit the link you provided but did not see a class for the beautiful buttons....

Suztats said...

My mother had a button drawer and I loved to play with the contents, too. I often wonder what became of her button collection. Your buttons are beautiful.

Createology said...

Life was much simpler back when you and your siblings would divide and devour the wonderful buttons your mother shared with you. I also loved to "play" in mmy Grandma's buttons. She had a wooden cart her son made for her buttons and I so always wanted that to enjoy when she was gone...sadly I know not where it ended up. Your hand-crafted buttons are beyond beautiful and they need no purpose to serve other than making you happy creating and enjoying each delightful button! I LOVE them very much. Your talents with needle and thread go beyond the ordinary and right "over-the-moon". Never stop creating dear...

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
oh they are so beautiful, and if I was you, I would use them as little lovely brooches , or just place them in a spot they would be seen ,as little gems, to admire.
You are really fantastic with needle and thread, and so filled with gorgeous ideas, and always trying something new.
I so admire all you are doing, and the beautiful outcome!!
As dear Sherry said, -your creations are "right over the moon ", and these buttons so fabulous !!

Hug from Dorthe

Rachel said...

I used to enjoy going through the button box, too. In fact, I still do!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I used to spend a few days visiting my grandparents every summer when I was little and one of the highlights was to be able to play with her button box. She had a wonderful collection and how I wish I had been lucky enough to inherit it. Now I have my own collection (well...maybe it should be called an obsession because I have fourteen large jars!). Must say that none of mine are half as pretty as the ones you've just created!