Monday, August 24, 2015

a recurring theme...

words and stitching seem to be a recurring theme for me

i did the little wishing stars with your words of inspiration embroidered on the back...

and then little felt hearts last year

this time round i'm on a different tack... the bee gee's song "it's only words" is running through my head

{the video link i posted above is from the "one night only" concert they did in las vegas... i own the dvd of it and sometimes when i'm stitching of an evening and there's nothing on tv, i'll put it on and hum and stitch's such a wonderful concert!}

back to the song though - it's a favourite of mine and sometimes when i watch the video i think how sad it is that two brothers are gone now, and what it might be like to be the one left behind... patched and tattered hearts are not that rare...

so i'm making velvet and lace word hearts, taking my inspiration from that same song

today i started on the lace

snippets of silk, bits of lace, stitched randomly to a fine silk net, slashing it here and there to add some open spaces

i'm making a large piece, i'll add a little embroidery and then cut it apart, roughly, leaving some raggedy bits here and there - at least, that's the plan

eight velvet hearts have been stitched,  with a bit of batting in between the layers to add support

 hand-dyed cotton velvet, rayon velvet, and a lovely hand-dyed silk velvet yet to be cut

i like that the rayon one has a grain - below, the middle heart was cut on the cross-grain 

 next is to choose my words and phrases from the lyrics of the song, write them out, affix them somehow to the hearts and then attach the lace fragments over top, allowing enough of the word to show for it to be recognized but not glaringly obvious... protected by the lace, supported by the softness of the velvet

tender words, shared but not shouted

at least that's the hope of it - we'll see...


Christine B said...

...."Words are all I have...." This is a lovely post Jillayne. I enjoy reading your thought processes and your images are stunning. Words are such powerful things..I love them too.

suziqu's thread works said...

Yes "I'ts only words" between friends. So great to be inspired by these wonderful songs and your
Little stitched hearts are the perfect vehicle to add these words. I adore my little heart you stitched
and gifted me months ago Jillayne. It holds sweet memories of you!
Thank you so much for you!
xox Suzy

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh my, more sweet and lovely hearts from you with inspiring words from a special song.

I can see my delicate star with the word 'hope' and my special brown heart with the word 'forever'. Thank you for taking the time to make these to give to others. They are 'day brighteners'.

I look forward to seeing how these newest hearts turn out. Beautiful as always, I know.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Rachel said...

A very interesting idea. I look forward to seeing it brought to life by your needle!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jillayne, lovely work inspired by a beautiful song. Your designs are always beautiful and the thoughts you put into each creation. Love the hearts and adding the stitched words make them extra special.
Enjoy the process. It's only words~~~~~
Hugs and Blessings, cm

jenclair said...

Such gorgeous stuff! The stars, the lace--beautiful!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You know I love words (especially in the form of quotes) and adding them to hearts is inspired. It just occurred to me that it would be nice to put the words (or quotes) inside the heart (or some form of little pocket outside the heart). Love your lace creations too!

Dorthe said...

Jillayne ,I love that old song, too, -yes it is sad with two of them gone already !!
But seing your new piece of beautiful netting-tullelike fabric makes me swoon,-it is amazingly beautiful, with the lovely snippets ans all white !!
So sweet are also your velveten ,silk and rayon hearts!!
Wishing you happy work, with all your beautiful pieces !
Dorthe, xo

Janie said...

Thanks for sharing your process, always a fun journey with you.

Karen B. said...

Dear sweet Jillayne,
I love all of your work. You are such an amazing artist. I must say that your little wishing stars are one of my favorite things you have made so far. So meaningful and beautiful!
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Tanya said...

Back from two months of solid vacationing away from the computer, and playing catch-up the next couple of weeks. You continue to amaze me with the amount of love and patience evident in your beautiful work, my friend. LOVE the lace - LOVE the BEE GEES - LOVE that song! Happy Friday, Jillayne - XOXO

FredaB said...

I really like the long stit hes on the branches. The twiggy look is great.

You always seem like you are having such fun with all you do that it comes thru in your writing. I always enjoy every post you make.

Are you doing Suzi's class. I am and I know MaryAnne is because she just won the prize.