Monday, February 16, 2015

a mish mash...

time flies when you're having... fun???

well yes, i have been, somewhat

sort of

maybe a little

been visiting with our son these past five days - he's headed to florida for two triathlons in early march so we feel pretty lucky to have had some time with him, what with all the training he has to do between now and then

before, during and after i snuck in a little creative play, some worked out alright, some, not so much

mixing blues and yellows for green

then mixing blue yellow and green

and green, yellow and brown

then mixing the results

it's like being five again

 great fun to do something that isn't anything but still somehow is something

if you follow my drift

 then i tried a leaf

that didn't work out so well - i'm not finished yet, but so far, not so good

all the green leaves in these parts are solid dark green right now, nothing interesting, no shading - it's still winter after all
wednesday i'm going to buy some flowers - well, actually, i'm going to buy some leaves which will likely have pretty flowers at the tops

i may or may not paint them

 then i did some tissue paper collage, complete with machine and hand stitching - this i like!

it feels amazing to hold this - light, delicate, like a fragile wafer that will burst into a thousand pieces if your hold it too tightly

 i found the tissue with red lines tucked away and adore it in here

i'm going to add some red embroidery to this later in the week, when i clear out some pressing obligations first

 i've also been making scrim lace

sewing on the machine, cutting holes, stitching them, round and round again

i'm not sure how much i like this first one - too holey i think

this version has much more appeal to me, but both are valid, both worthwhile

now i know, right?
{don't make so many holes - keep more surface!}

the picture below really shows their differences

it's been a busy two weeks of this, that and the next thing...

the next thing being something to do with sewing and paper - stay tuned...


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

As always I am inspired, but this time I'm also intrigued by your scrim lace.

Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

Mosaic Magpie said...

Your color study will come in handy when matching fabric, beads, threads and yes painting leaves as well. I enjoyed seeing your scrim lace and the tissue paper stitching....I kept thinking the tissue paper piece would make a beautiful book cover.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You've obviously been having a great time experimenting! I have yet to try the lace - yet one more thing on my to do list that never seems to get any shorter.

Dorthe said...

I am amazed over all you complete dear Jillayne,and so many new things that you are trying out ,too- I admire your skills very much , and these last doings are another proof that you are a fantastic artist !!

Rachel said...

I'm sure you will find something to do with the holey cloth you aren't so sure about - even if it is in a sort of sampler book to remind you to keep more surfaces!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

HI Jillayne, well I love everything you do and looks like you've been having fun creating. Love the color board and your leaf is gorgeous. It looks like it's coming right off the page.
Gorgeous stitch and collage work on the tissue paper. Simply wonderful. You are a fabulous artist!!
Have fun creating.
Hugs, CM

Suztats said...

I love the scrim lace! Looking forward to seeing it evolve with red.....

Deb said...

I will be watching the how you use the scrim lace in one of your creations, your paint test reminds me of my glaze testing when I wanted a certain effect for a piece of pottery, I think I enjoyed the testing more then the actual applicaiton. I am always inspired by your creations.

karen said...

your little colour studies are very precious Jillayne....As for your scrim lace, I love them both, both extremely valid, both worthy of treasuring....

Dorthe said...

Hello dear, can`t get my e-mail off to you, soposting it here, my friend .

Dear Jillayne, your lovely little heart has arrived, to me,- thank you so very much, it is so sweet,
and it will be added to the two others you have created to me, which are hanging here in my
You are fantastic in creating hearts for so many, –so very kind and sweet of you.

I hope you are doing fine, after all the cold you had, and that you feel all well, my friend.
Here it is raining , and did all day long, grey and cols is it – but I`m cozy inside my house, and
can wait till tomorrow to take a walk , when hopefullt it has stopped !

There will soon be another little heart off to you, from here, – till then I wish you wonderful
days with lots of creative time .

Tina said...

Love your tissue paper collage Jillayne - it´s so very beautiful. I´ve been doing so stitching on handmade paper - the feeling of stitched paper is relly cool.