Monday, September 9, 2013

almost there...

and so here we are...

many things have been done, many yet to do

but the days have all but run out and my next post will be from London!

remember how i told you i had turned into a listing person?
(not the "on tilt" kind of listing, the writing things down kind!)

i have been working on more lists than you can shake a stick at

what to see, what to do, what to eat, where to go, what to buy, what to dream of

and in all that listing, i have learned 'tis much easier to list lists on pretty paper than on....

five and dime notepads from the stationery store on hudson st, mr. wickett, propietor

last year whilst in calgary visiting the children, i made a foray into papyrus and found some lovely anna griffin stationery

the very thing required to convert a non-lister to the other side

post it notes and note pads

and i today i transposed all my lists from various bits

and compiled a record of hopes and dreams

 a lifetime of reading has yielded many desires on the book front - not that i intend to get all of them, but it gives me a guide to remember by

"shop-bought broderie anglaise"

karen has said that so many times in her classes that i simply must find some for myself...

 "i dinna ha' the gaelic, but i mun do my best"

do you think if i drink a wee dram and nibble on a biscuit of shortbread it might come easier???

 i have made all of the above
(excepting for the mushy peas)

but have a hankering for the real mccoy


and with the following list of destinations, i expect i'll be able to knock off everything on my list

 high hopes?

maybe, but without a dream, or a plan, or a list, i'm not sure i'd get beyond heathrow

so tell me, oh loyal blog followers,

if you were packing your bags to go to jolly old england and the land o' tartan, what would be on your list of souvenirs?

you have until my feet touch english soil, which will be thursday morning about 11:00 am uk time to tell me your list

i'll choose two winners and put together a little parcel for each of you, to be delivered by her majesty's postal service

in the meanwhile, there's packing to be done!


Marj Talbot said...

I think I'd look for a Lock Ness monster miniature and perhaps a miniature Big Ben. Also, candy or shortbread would be nice!!!
Have a wonderful holiday and look for all the things on your list.
Hugs - can't wait to hear of your travels and see your photos. Take care, safe travels, happy trails.

deanna7trees said...

oh safe travels and enjoy every minute. the only thing that would be on my list would be some John Lewis cloth or pretty lace.

Createology said...

Anna Griffin has such an elegant style and pretty way to keep your lists. I adore how you have thought of every detail. What to eat, see, do, drink, say...and of course buy. I would have to also have some "Broderie Anglaise" as I am certain it is beyond beautiful, and some true single malt scotch for Mr. C. Safe travels my friend and enjoy every delicious moment of your adventure...

lynne logue said...

I do believe a treasure from the Victoria and Albert Museum, and perhaps ribbon/thread that has the colours of the Scottish moor. I have a suggestion for you - embroider your travel route on your map! Have a wonderful trip.

Dorthe said...

Oh Jillayne, you have just thought about all, and everything, and your vacation willl be filled with so many wonderful experiences, and beautiful memories to take back home..
My "souvenirs" would be memories of a day in Victoria and Albert Museum, the thoughts from riding on the top of the double dekker busses and a sweet find from one of the big flea markets near the museum!!
Dear friend I wish you a fabolous tour, -travel safe and have fun!!

FredaB said...

Just have a wonderful trip and be safe. I know you will enjoy every minute of your time.

Maybe pop into Karens and watch how she photographs her wonderful work. It always looks like icing on a cake and mine never looks like that. I could not resist and ended up signing up rather late.


karen said...

tomorrow...11 a.m. I hear they have called a national security council meeting. Wonder why??? Shop bought broderie anglaise.....look no further than John Lewis and Anthropologie???? Be still my beating heart. Must rush, got to leave the country before all the Canadians arrive to procure all the fabric!!

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

safetravels Jillayne. I hope you get to do a lot from your to do list. greetings from Liverpool. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

safetravels Jillayne. I hope you get to do a lot from your to do list. greetings from Liverpool. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Karen's goodies would be at the top of my list "shop bought broderie anglaise"!
you are so prepared for this adventure Jillayne it will be wonderful!
For goodness sake don't forget to take your lists with you - like I often do LOL!!!

Enjoy everything with eyes wide open!
much love and hugs
Shane xox

Wendy said...

It's 11.54am UK time, so welcome to England!
I hope you have a wonderful time, though I have to disabuse you of a notion - we do NOT eat cucumber sandwiches! It goes hand in hand with the myth that we "take tea" at 4pm. Nope, not true, either of them.

Glad you've got the mushy peas on your list, you have to have them from a chippy though.

As for souvenirs? You won't be taking any fabric back, you'll be horrified at the price. English needles - I only know one manufacturer which is John James, the others are all French I believe.

As you are now into your stationery, visit Paperchase. The one in London is amazing, but most cities have one nowadays.

I see you're only visiting London, York and Oxford and most of the other places are in Scotland. I know lots of people are pretty sentimental about Scotland, but there's a lot more to see in England and you should probably venture into Wales too. As you like country side, you'll like the Brecon Beacons.

Kim Budash said...

I hope you have a "safe" and beautiful time. On my list: Any type of embroidery supplies, fabric, yarn or some beautiful lace or ribbon. Enjoy yourself. Thanks for a chance to possibly win something wonderful. I would also love to have anything with the new "baby" on, possibly a mug or something of that sort. Thanks.