Thursday, April 4, 2013


i feel like a broken-down old record.... all i am showing on here these days is the progress i have made on my two big projects right now...

we have a big quilt show happening here in june and i wanted to make some special things for it
original, pretty things

to me a quilt show is like a fancy-dress ball
get out your prettiest pretties...

this week i have concentrated my efforts on the white-ivory-new-vintage-lace-linen project
from the embroider, embellish, create class with karen

i am appliqueing hearts here and there
i wanted to do stars but just couldn't face all those pointy points

"my heart wasn't in it"

after the applique was finished, i added french knots all along the edges of both of them, spaced not quite 1/4" apart
connecting the ones in the outer row with straight stitches, to add a kind of lace-like stitched edge 

 the centre heart looks a little "loose" right now, but batting under it to stuff it slightly and give it a padded look will sort that out

with web stitches and frothiness to be added all around it, so it doesn't look so lonely there on the cloth...

the little bits of eyelets you do see are part of the original stitching on the napkin

old and new

this is the rest of the section

cascading corners, cut from several different doilies and napkins and then layered

 smyrna crosses added by me
(thanks again for the waste canvas marj - so very much appreciated)

i've left the corner above free so it can be lifted back
whilst i think about what i want to stitch in this space

something special, for any that are brave enough to reach out and try to lift a corner

i hope some do...

my other project, the frost queen, got put aside for a while 
kind of like writer's cramp, only with needle and thread
i have posted about it all above so if you are interested, click on 
"the frost project"
under the banner

yes, i pulled a prince and changed the name...
to nothing

"the frost queen" was too limiting and i liked it less and less as time went by
i think it was premature to name it before it was done... like putting the cart before the horse 
 but now i am sorting it all out
getting there...

in the meanwhile i knocked four things off my unfinished list
the original list - oh, i've added to the pile in the last year, to be sure

but the original list is the official list and that's what i'm working off!

and even though i did pitch six items as they were deemed not worthy of the energy, spirit nor resources it would take to finish them, i am down to 42...

yes, 42, from 101

oh, the lessons i have to learn...


Diane Kelsey said...

I'm too scared to count my UFO's. You must be feeling good about the diminishing numbers. Some beautiful stitching as always.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your work is so lovely and detailed.

Happy stitching ~ FlowerLady

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

It's beautiful and I'm enjoying seeing your progress of things. I have 3 UFO projects. One of them is 7 years old. Not sure I will even bother with the other two.

Marj Talbot said...

I find too many UFO's can be overwhelming - good on you for keeping at them. You will be so glad to be down to 2 rather than 42. That is if you don't add too many more.
I like how you stitched around the heart - it looks really nice. I'm guessing what you will put on the "empty" corner. Thanks for sharing your work.

Heather said...

So far what you've done is lovely, and I love the idea of lifting a corner to look (most people might be afraid though because most quilt shows tell you "not to touch the quilts"! I would love to get my hands on some lovely pieces of linen like that to make things from! The dreaded UFO's, I have many, and usually, they end up not finished either (as in the case of my last post - but I will finish it)... Cheers~

Mosaic Magpie said...

Counting UFOs.....oh my I don't think I could bear to do it! Not too long ago, I went through some of mine and donated them to a local Senior Citizens Daycare. It gives the Seniors something to do and allows me to feel good about, giving up the hope of ever finishing them. Interesting you changed the name of your frost project...listening to your inner muse.
The white/ivory project is stunning and makes me want to drag out some linens too!

teri said...

I love seeing your beautiful work.

Wendy said...

I'm glad you are showing us your progress on this piece, we get to see all the details that we'd miss if it was just suddenly a ta-dah! post. The heart surrounded by french knots is beautiful, as is the rest of the cloth!

wow, 42, you've done so well!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jillayne,
Well I love old records and you are certainly not broken down. LOL
This beauty is incredible. I love it and the french knots just add the perfect finishing touch with the heart. You inspire me to get out my UFO's and get busy once again. With warmer weather it is something to take outside and work on while enjoying the porch.

I am sure the quilt show will be fabulous and the treasures you share will be a hit for sure.
Thank you for sharing your talents.

Have a great weekend!!
Hugs, Celestina Marie
p.s. I too clean house in my project stash. It is so freeing!! LOL

Dorthe said...

Hello dear Jilllayne,
your white quilt piece looks more and more beautiful, so love the heart with those beautiful french knots, and all the layered corners- that show will be fantastic for you ,showing this beauty.
And OH my friend, --you finished so many projects already! What an energy, and what a strong desition to make, to try finish all those UFO`s .
Happy weekend to you.
Hugs Dorthe

Createology said...

I love hearing the same record over and over and over again...just ask my record player. ;o) Your wrapping cloth is beyond beautiful. I love the hearts with the fancy french knots and lacy stitching. The corners all in a row are like the pages of a fine novel. Counting UFO's (almost sounds like a record) is much too overwhelming for me and I don't have enough fingers and toes to do so. Quilt Show? Making special pieces? Oh you do have my attention dear!!! Blissful Stitching with your Happy Creative Heart my friend...

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Just beautiful! I love the snowflakes and stars in the prior post as well . . . your work is just perfect!

happy stitching,

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Lovely work Jillayne, can't wait to see what you decide to put in the 'special spot'. And down to 42 WIPS from over 100?! I am so impressed, mine keep growing rather than shrinking!

FredaB said...

Hi Jillayne

You are doing a wonderful job on your white cloth. I love the heart and he stars you have appliqued in the above post. It is a going to be a beautiful heirloom when finished.

the trouble with Karen's classes is you can't let them go. I sit here always waiting for the next one and can't get interested in much else.

Keep on stitching.


ps - if you need anything you can't get just let me know and I can send to you.