Tuesday, April 30, 2013

it's simple...

 this morning as i ventured into my sewing room, coffee in hand,
the sun light streaming through the window, coupled with the filtered light through the muslin curtains

creating a delight of sun and shadow

dancing on the contrast of the lace and wood, 
it made me smile... made my heart sing

and i felt as if i had come home

how lucky i am, in my needle and thread

and in reflecting on that luck, it finally dawned on me, what my true calling is

what captures me, captivates me

 i have been waiting so long to know this, trying my hand at many different creative pursuits, dabbling here and there with this and that

 over the past several weeks i have been working my through my white vintage linen, lace and embroidery quilt

loving every single minute
every single stitch

and i realized that out of all the things i have ever tried my hand at

it's the combination of simple embroidery with simple patchwork that i love the most

the ideas never stop
every stitch leads me to another, every detail inspires another

it feels so....so.... indescribable really

when you know the one true thing, the thing that makes your heart sing, it is the simplest thing in the world


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

So simple and yet so complex! I am so happy for you Jillayne that you have found your bliss, your creative pursuit that fulfills that yearning deep inside us all. I am still seeking, searching, exploring to find mine ... perhaps I am looking too hard? Sunlight and shadow, needle and thread, stitches and stories; your heart has found it's home, namaste my friend <3

Celestina Marie said...

Good Morning Jillayne,
I walked into my room with coffee in hand too and I can so relate to your words. It is very simple and yes, indescriable.
The joys in working with the elements that make your heart sing. I feel this way with a brush in my hand.
Lovely post and the gorgeous piece you are working on is incredible.
Happy Wednesday,
Hugs, CM

Bead and Needle said...

I have a bracelet, made by a friend, with a quote just for you on it..."My soul is fed by needle and thread". Glad you've found your happy - the smocking ROCKS. XOXO

Heather said...

What joy! ...and I am so thrilled to see you "hand smocking"... I bought a smocking machine a few years back but have only tried it out a couple of times... our stitching interests are very much in sync! Cheers~

oldgreymare said...

The evenings I spent with needle and thread and soft wools and soft music playing, all curled up in my big easy chair, while my babies slept.....heaven

BumbleVee said...

some days it all just comes together .... and it's so right ....

Marj Talbot said...

And that is why you do such a fantastic job - you truly love stitching. The smocking is very nice and another sign of your love of stitching. Thanks for sharing this post.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I can hear your heart singing way down here in Kentucky!

Createology said...

Oh Jillayne how divine. To discover and realize your passion, your calling, your bliss...priceless! Everything you create is amazing. With needle and thread your heart and soul soars and feels complete with every design and stitch you make. Bless you my friend...
Your hand smocking reminds me of my Grandma doing the very same thing. She also used gingham to smock - something called chicken scratch?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Mom!

Are those polka dots I spy?!

Suztats said...

When I pick up my needle and thread, the cares of the world fall away, and with each stitch, new possibilities are created. I disappear into the folds of the cloth, my thread whispering through secrets, and finding truths. I am home. My mind is still and silent as the thread weaves its own magic........