Monday, February 18, 2013

making the numbers work....

back again with the rest of the cards for my book/card swap....

the next ones to show were made by freda from sew what's new blog

freda took part in a swap i did long ago and since then has been a big source of inspiration for me... her crazy-quilting is beyond compare, as well as just about everything she puts her hands to

her cards are the picture of elegance and timeless beauty!

next up are a selection of cards sent by mags from the french bear
some day her and i are going to meet up at "out of hand" in calgary and get into all sorts of trouble....

mags was the only one to send in recycled cards and i am so glad she did-
the idea for the christmas card books came to me when i couldn't bring myself to throw away cards i had received from friends 
i decided i would save enough to bind into a book.... i think this would be a fabulous way to preserve those memories and so mags' contribution is at the root of what this is all about

the little tree cards you see below are from wendy at the crafter's apprentice
 this gal will try just about anything creative and i have loved following her adventures and mis-adventures - she is a true enthusiast and a delight - and when i get to england in the fall, i'll be bringing her some fabric and a walking foot if she hasn't already got one - i do love aiding and abetting!

(when i first started following wendy she was aghast at how many works-in-progress i had; we had a good laugh not long ago about how many she has accumulated since then!)

wendy's cards are the brightest, sparkliest, most shimmery ever and just pure fun

the next ones to show are by karen at todolwen blog

karen put an unbelievable amount of time, effort and thought into her cards and they are the epitome of glittery, snowy magic

and there is a marvelous surprise inside of each!

karen also sent along some beautiful paper snowflake doilies that I will use to enhance some of the papers that will go into your books - stay tuned for sneak peeks....

 the next cards are made by susan from suztats blog

susan paints and tats and is also an amazing crazy quilter and she gave me my challenge for these books... her cards are cabinet style, rather than folded so i am thinking up ideas for how to bind them in - not a problem at all, but another way to add another dimension and interest to the binding process - i did do something similar when i made a book that incorporated plaster pages so this isn't new to me, but i want to try out some new techniques....

 these last cards are from shane at roses, lace and brocante blog

each of shane's cards features a different image, all delightful
bits of lace, a hit of colour here and there and you have something magical

simply charming

shane's cards really aren't the last... i realized as i loaded these i hadn't taken pictures of diane's from diane hobbit
 (i will only say i was hopelessly distracted when i was taking all the pictures but will get it together tomorrow in the daylight)

after all the picture taking i did the swapping of the cards and what fun that was - i wish you could have seen it.... here's how it went....

as each person's cards arrived they were assigned a number

on swap day all the cards were laid out, on top of the envelope they were sent in, in the order they were received

from each set i chose my card - some were addressed to me, making it easy to know which was mine... when there wasn't one specifically designated for me i had to choose
(not as easy or as fun as it might seem!)

for the number of cards a person sent for swapping, i put their # that many times in a hat
(marj's were the first received; five were for swapping so i wrote #1 on five slips of paper and put them into the hat... susan sent 4 for swapping so four #12s.... sherry sent 5 so five #3s.... and so on)

as marj was #1, the first slip out was for her... it was #11 so she got the first card off karen's pile

and so on.... if i drew a person's own number i set it to the side and drew again, if i drew a number for a card they already had, i set it aside and drew again, drawing until i came to one they didn't yet have and so on, around and around until the last card was assigned

yes i got mixed up

yes i called in the auditor general

yes i did a confirmation check when there were ten slips left and everything being drawn was "7" 
(seems i wrote the 7s twice!)

yes it took a while

and yes, it was most definitely fun!!



Wendy said...

You do say such sweet things! Even if you did out me and my 50 million WIPs ;0)

So excited about this book!

Marj Talbot said...

That's a big job just to sort it all out. I think you're having too much fun. I was wondering if I sent enough, but I can see how you do it. So exciting - can't wait to see it all done. Thanks for sharing the pics in the process.

Suztats said...

Oh, this is exciting seeing all the cards and wondering which ones will be in my book! Sorry for the added 'challenge' Jillayne. I thought all the cards were being popped into a half pocket on each book page. oops.
Thanks for writing such lovely things!

Bead and Needle said...

You make me tired, just imaging the breakneck speed with which you get things done! These are gorgeous - and the work you've gone to just to separate, etc. astounds me. And, it appears I may have misunderstood the assignment, and should have actually MADE cards (that would have taken me into new territory, as I've never dabbled in paper) - I apologize, in advance, for my ineptness, ladies! You all ROCK - me, I took the cheaters way out. Don't hate me because I'm a little slow on the uptake! Happy Tuesday, Jillayne - XOXOXO Tanya

Appleshoe said...

These are all so lovely. What a fun swap.

Createology said...

Your swap methods have left me dizzy! I would have totally gotten lost but you did it and managed to have fun. All the cards are fabulous and it will be so great to see how you design and make the books. Thank you very much Jillayne Dear for doing this for so many. Creative Hugs!!!

Dorthe said...

More wonderful cards to put into the christmas books, my friend,-so different all, and so sweet. I can imagine the difficulties sorting and doing the swapping. I think it needs a mathematic brain to do such,lol- no wonder you got mixed up, even if you have such a mathematic brain :-) dear Gillayne.
XO, Dorthe

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jillayne,

What a fun swap and lovely idea.
Love all the wonderful and creative cards from everyone and glad you got all the exchanges worked out.
Happy week

The French Bear said...

Wow, that's really a lot of work!! You must be tired from all that math...and hard work! Now I feel bad that I didn't send some fancy cards that I made, wait, I don't make fancy cards, lol!!!! They all look lovely!

Mary Walden said...

Jillayne, So wonderful to see all of the cards. So many wonderful ideas and all so lovely.
Can't wait to see the books.

karen said...

it is FEBRUARY!!!!! and you have Christmas comment!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Mags cards are great! They remind me of my grandmother, every year she would create the tags for her gifts from last year's Christmas cards. Bits of yarn and pinking shears always added a nice touch. Thanks for the great memory!

Mosaic Magpie said...

I had such a grin on my face when reading about your ordeal of swapping out the cards...and of the fact you wrote the 7's out twice. That my dear is something I, your kindred spirit would do.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh Jillayne
I'm sure your swapping and mixing up the cards was a wonderful system - how you ever worked it out I'll never know - that's priceless!!!!

All the cards are amazing - we are so lucky you gave us this challenge and thank you for being such an understanding host!!!

Shane ♥

FredaB said...

It is such fun to look at the cards everyone made and doubly so when we receive our books. We certainly owe you for all your time and trouble doing this.

You are a great friend to all of us and thanks for the kind words. You made me blush.