Saturday, October 27, 2012

santas in the workshop

i really wanted to call this post 

"what do elmer fudd and john lennon have in common?"

some of the santas i have been making kind of look like one or the other
with a little albert einstein thrown in the mix
but the visuals for that are fading fast

(on another note, i wonder what those three might have to talk about, were they all thrown into one room... i'm digressing though...)

 i've been working on things for my upcoming annual sale

and at the top of the list was this santa decoration by "talented friends"

there are four santas hitched together but each one is finished a little differently

i'm making three of them: one in red, one in steely blue-grey and one in a kind of tweedy fabric
(still not sure which is my favourite, but then again, they aren't finished yet!)

the group above is in various states of completion
and since these photos have been taken i've added more hats and fur trim, twine and jingle bells

 not hair though as i ran out and there's none to be had in these here parts
so a big thank you to my dear s-i-l who saved the day and is sending me some more!

 the fellow above is the one who reminds me of john lennon

(and even a bit like that guy that played the rotten saxon king in the movie "king arthur" with clive owen... but i digress.... i can be excused though because i'm digressing about clive own...right laura??)

below is a detail shot of the fur around the feet
(i'll take some better shots tomorrow when the light is good)

when i loaded this picture on my laptop i realized the red santas were standing behind and you can just see them peeking in

i made them in all three colours for a purely selfish reason

i want one for myself and couldn't decide what colour 
so they're kind of an experiment.... a study in santa decorations
and i'll take everything i like from all three and put it together in one for me

theoretically i should end up with one i love

i need your help with another project i hope to start on tomorrow

i want to make a "12 days of christmas advent calendar"

and i was thinking that i would assign each day a word that has special meaning at christmas time
and that would give me a theme for whatever i make for the pocket

so far i've thought of

wonder (thanks again karen b. of todolwen!)
sparkle, shimmer or shine????

i'm not necessarily sold on all of these and would love to hear what you might add to this list....

also, thanks to all of you who wanted to join in on my Christmas book project

i'm happy to announce you're all in!

(i simply just couldn't leave anyone out - it would be like that awful playground stuff in a grown-up version)

(mary and kim, please email me so i can send you the info;
your profiles don't have email addresses attached)

i am so very excited about it and am looking forward to seeing all your wonderful cards - i think this will be one of the best projects i've ever embarked on!

thank you!



Createology said...

Blessings is a word I would include. After all we all receive so many blessings every day of our lives. Your Santas are warm and wonderful. I love your samplings in order to come up with just the right blend for yourself. Why is it we always make for everyone except ourselves? Health is another word I am embracing this I seem to be struggling a bit with mine. Blissful Creating Dear...

Bead and Needle said...

PROBABLY! Hahahahaha - not the word you're looking for, probably...

The Santa gang is adorable...and the only thing I could come up with as far as what John and Elmer had in common was PROBABLY that neither thought Yoko broke up The Beatles! :-)

Happy Saturday, Jillayne - keep up the beautiful work - you ROCK!

Bead and Needle said...

OK, how about "Family"...........

Mosaic Magpie said...

I am thinking Buddy Hackett instead of John Lennon. Whatever you call him, he is a cutie! Now a word for your advent calendar. "Believe" is a favorite of mine. It has so many different meanings.
I have not been on here much lately and missed the post on the book project. I will skip over there and see what you are up to!

oldgreymare said...


Your santas will soon need street corners :D

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

They are so adorable Jillayne.
They are real old time Papa Noel's, with their very appealing faces, and I'm so glad you are keeping one for YOU too!

I wish I had seen your 'card call' earlier - I would have joined in the fun - Am I too late??

Shane ♥

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Me again - sorry I forgot to add my word it's:


Shane ♥

lynn said...

love all the santas.. they are unique.. and individual as we all are .. and Noah came to my mind.. lol
advent calendars are always so fun , was one of my favorite things during the holiday..
how about
Star of Bethlehem
and caroling

have a great day tomorrow

Marj Talbot said...

Love the santas - very nice.
I vote for family in your word list. Nothing more important any time of year than family.

Suztats said...

Jillayne, your santas are just adorable! Who wouldn't love to take home an armful?
my suggestions for Christmas words:
sleigh rides
hot chocolate and marshmallows
toboggan rides
jack frost windows
ice skating
gingerbread houses

karen said...

I am trying to avoid all things Christmas so I can't believe I made it to the end of this post!! Your Santa's are gorgeous......I was going to say family but someone beat me too it.

Diane Kelsey said...

Believe is a great word, Christmas is so special when you have young children who believe in Santa. I love the smells related to Christmas from the tree to all the baking (especially if laced with brandy/rum and port).
Love the santa's, nice to see them all different with characters of their own. Finding the beard is difficult, I have been looking for some nice wool recently.

Wendy said...

oh how lovely, what a cute little gaggle of santas!

The French Bear said...

They are adorable! I love the words "give" "memories" and "peace"......and "believe".
santa is definitely in the work shop!

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne, they are the sweetest,
most cute santas- and I love to see them finished in each his own colour.
How adorable they looks, John Lennon, -or Elmer Fudd or what you calls them :-)- and theat hair is gorgeous, so great you could have more.
About your calender words, on of mine would be :Cosyness- but I think maybe, it has a sleightly other meaning in danish...danish "hygge" is something that every tourist tells is very special!!!
Dear I would have loved joining in your christmas book, but my time is so limited for other things than creating for the shop, so I hope you understand that my friend.
Love and hugs,Dorthe