Monday, September 17, 2012

and so it goes...

seems i can't quite escape thoughts of kitty cats these days

when i was cutting out the cat for this hallowe'en garland i almost cut the ears rounded and stumpy
but this is a black cat on an orange background, not an orange cat on a black one...
maybe a project for another day

this project has been in my head for a while now so it was time to get it out
"put to fabric" ... as it were

when i made the "fa la la" garland, i knew i wanted to do a hallowe'en one
and shopping in the garden centre last week gave me the perfect word


they had the cutest little wooden blocks with the letters for "spooky" on them
but i'm on budgetary restraints these days
saving for a trip
and so they stayed behind

at home, the graph paper and tracing paper came out
and the eraser (very big eraser!)
and a few hours later i had created my own spooky letters

and a bat

i braided some twine for the pennants (which you can't see, but it's stunning, i assure you... really, it is just stunning!) 

and then in between each i sewed on antique buttons

i don't often make things for me, but this is a keeper

and now that that idea is finally finished with i can catch a breath
.... but then i did find some really cool lace down at the fabric shop
and some pretty rhinestone trim
and another one with sequins and beads in a pretty taupe....
and so it goes...



Shane Pollard said...

That's such a great banner Jillayne - well done!
Actually a budgetary restraint is a good thing, it can make us pull "one out of the hat" as you have done here!!

hugs and love

suziqu's thread works said...

Jillayne I love this banner and no wonder you wanted to incorporate a cat - quite understandable and I also love the coloured fabric you used and the very immaginative lettering.
The button in between each looks great!
Well done indeed!
Love and hugs,

Karen said...

great banner! Love the colours.....

Suztats said...

Love your banner! The material is perfect!

Marj Talbot said...

Nice job of the banner. Budget restraint? That doesn't apply to fabric does it?

Createology said...

Using what we have is a wonderful way to really be creative and you have proven this to be true. This SPOOKY banner is fabulous. And so it goes...
The black cat is perfect. I recently had a black cat run in front of my truck and then later that night when it was dark I got terribly lost to the point of tears trying to drive out of that horrible neighborhood I was in.

Robin said...

Oh my gosh, your banner is beautiful! I absolutely love your letters, they are so unique and spooky looking :) Have a wonderful day.


Dorthe said...

Hi dear Gillayne,
almost missed your wonderful banner-
posts from the week the kids were here, I still try to get hold off :-)
Love your dramatic colours ,and the cat- ofcourse you still have your dear Bozzy in your thoughts !
It is a beautiful piece, and I so understand you keeps it.
Happy creating with the lace,rhinestones,sequins,and beads :-)
Hugs from Dorthe

Tanya said...

LOVE this, just as I love everything you do! XOXO